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Concrete Repair Questions: How Much Does Mudjacking Cost in Utah?

Do you have a cracked driveway? A sagging porch? A sunken sidewalk? Whatever the issue is with your concrete, repair is worth your while. Left unaddressed, the damage will only get worse – and the sooner you call a Utah mudjacking contractor, the easier the fix will be on your bank account.

However, before you move forward with concrete repair, you’ll want an idea of how much you’ll need to budget for the project. Requesting estimates from a few local contractors is the best approach, as every mudjacking job is unique. At the same time, you might appreciate a more immediate answer. Read the following, and you’ll understand what lies ahead in terms of your concrete repair costs.

Average Cost of Professional Mudjacking Services

Also known as concrete jacking, slab leveling, slabjacking, and concrete lifting, mudjacking is a highly effective solution for sunken, settled and uneven concrete slabs. The technique addresses the root of the problem, eliminating voids in the underlying soil, and the results typically last for at least eight to ten years.

Costs for concrete repair projects vary, but according to, the trusted online marketplace, the average price for mudjacking is $1,192. Expenses can vary, though, and Utah property owners may pay anywhere from $300 to $2,200 to get a slab leveled. That said, the typical project is priced at between $633 and $1,751.

Pricing to Remove and Replace a Concrete Slab

Based on the information above, your max budget for mudjacking should be about $2,000. This might seem like a rather large sum, but let’s look at how that compares to the costs for concrete slab replacement.

First, this sort of project requires the removal of the old concrete. As reported by, the average charge for this service is $1,106 – but the cost can be as high as $3,700.

After the damaged slab has been removed, the next step is to pour new concrete. On average, the cost for this is $10 per square foot, and at that rate, a relatively small concrete patio or porch might run $2,000 or more.

Putting it all together, the total needed to remove and replace a damaged slab is far above the amount of money it takes for mudjacking. And not only does mudjacking come in at a much lower price, it’s also a more effective fix. With this method of concrete repair, soil instabilities are resolved – and the same can’t be same of a standard tear-out and replacement project. As such, mudjacking offers longer-lasting results, and at a fraction of the cost. What’s not to like?

Factors that Impact the Cost of Concrete Repair

Generally speaking, most mudjacking projects cost just a few dollars per square foot. In comparison, when you consider disposal fees, equipment expenses and labor charges, a tear-out and replacement can add up to over $50 per square foot. However, certain variables can have an impact on pricing.

When determining the cost for concrete repair work, professional contractors take all of the following into account:

  • Soil voids – During the mudjacking process, soil voids are filled with a cement slurry. When the voids are extensive, concrete repair costs are higher.
  • Scope – The larger the job, the more time is required. Extra time translates to higher labor charges and, consequently, a greater total project cost.
  • Struggles ­– If a damaged slab isn’t all that easy to access, or if a professional mudjacking contractor has to work in tight quarters, repairs cost more.
  • Services – Professionals can handle the caulking or seal the surface of a slab after completing a concrete repair project, but these services add to the cost.

In addition, while many companies that offer mudjacking services in Utah accept rush jobs, completing work on an expedited timeline adds to the cost. That said, some contractors, including Lift-Up Concrete, have payment plans to make urgent and scheduled concrete repair projects more affordable.

Making Sure You Pay a Fair Price for Mudjacking

Cost is a major consideration for any property improvement project, and mudjacking is no exception. Paying more than necessary isn’t something anyone wants to do – but spending as little as possible might not yield the results you’d like.

To get the job done for a reasonable price, mudjacking experts recommend asking a few local contractors for estimates. Most offer free consultations, and you can get quote without any obligation. But after meeting with representatives from two or three concrete repair companies, don’t simply choose the one with the lowest price.

Before you make a decision, consider the experience of each mudjacking contractor and whether they offer a warranty. Look at reviews, too, as the experiences others have had with a concrete repair company can be quite telling.

In Ogden, Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas of northern Utah, Lift-Up Concrete is a trusted source for top-quality mudjacking. We’re known for our outstanding workmanship and our affordable pricing, and we always guarantee our work. For a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss concrete repair at your Utah home or business property, contact us today.