advantages concrete repair replacement

Advantages of Concrete Repair Over Concrete Replacement

If concrete in any major area of your home or building is cracked, sinking or undergoing other specific issues, you may be wondering whether the prudent decision is to repair or replace the area in question. Concrete can become damaged for a variety of reasons, and you might be looking at both avenues from a cost efficiency and timing standpoint.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’ve provided numerous residential, municipal and commercial concrete repair services to clients throughout Utah, and we’re here to tell you that the modern options available for concrete lifting and leveling are almost always the better choice when it comes to damaged concrete. Our services allow for simple, non-invasive concrete repair that holds several distinct benefits over the large-scale process required to replace entire slabs of concrete on your property. Here are a few reasons why concrete repair is generally the preferred option here.

Saving Time

For starters, many simply do not realize the time and hassle often associated with entirely replacing large slabs or sections of concrete. Not only do you have to remove the old concrete, which takes a good amount of time on its own, the soil has to be prepped and leveled, the new slab has to be poured, finished, allowed to cure and then dried for several days before it can even be used.

Our concrete repair services, on the other hand, are easily applied without any of the mess or hassle. They can generally be performed in just hours, from start to finish, whether you require a quick injection for soil maintenance or a full-on lift of an entire slab.

Limited Cost

Another major area that many home and building owners alike gravitate toward is the affordable cost of concrete repair. This is especially true for minor jobs, but still the case for major repairs as well.

Not only do you save money on labor costs due to the shorter working time, you also save on materials (concrete repair requires less of them) and long-term issue risks.

Material Cost and Buildup

Not only is cost savings on materials a significant factor in your choice, the buildup of such materials during the project itself should be considered. Concrete replacement involves numerous materials, from moisture for the mixture and base materials to the actual mixture, plus all the old concrete that’s being removed and placed in a pile. With concrete repair, you keep native materials in place for the most part.


Finally, it’s often very difficult or nearly impossible to precisely match concrete color and shading when you add new concrete slabs to your existing surfaces. When performing concrete lifting and leveling, however, it’s easy to create a seamless finish here that keeps your aesthetic quality just as high as it was before, if not higher.

For more on the advantages of concrete repair over concrete replacement, or to learn about any of our concrete lifting or leveling services, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.