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Need Concrete Replacement? Consider Another Option.​

Concrete replacement is a lengthy, in-depth project that takes a lot of time and money, but what else can you do? You can’t leave your walkway or driveway sunken and cracked.

Before you go all in for concrete replacement, it helps to consider all your options. Compare the cost of replacement to repair, and see if there’s another way to resolve your eyesore of a patio, staircase or driveway.

Replacing Concrete Is an Involved Process

Step one in the concrete replacement process is excavation. The current slab has to be broken apart and removed from the project site. This will require the use of a jackhammer or other heavy machinery — it’s not an easy task to do by hand.

Once all of the concrete debris is hauled away, the ground has to be prepared for pouring new material. This means new soil or gravel may have to be spread and compacted. It might also be necessary to build concrete forms to shape the new structure.

Once new material is poured, it has to cure. The curing process can take a few weeks, but weather can affect the timeline. Altogether, an entire concrete replacement project can take months, and the costs quickly rise into the thousands.

Assess the Damage

Before you decide on concrete replacement, assess the damage. When the surface is severely cracked, you may have no choice but to replace it. But if there are simply a few sections of the slab that are sinking or cracking, concrete lifting could provide an alternative solution.

Why Is a Repair a Better Option?

First, repairing your concrete versus investing in replacement is a wise financial decision. Repairs are cheaper, but just as effective. Concrete is a long-lasting material, so if you’re able to permanently resolve the problem with a simple repair, your structure can still last for years to come. You’re spending less and you aren’t sacrificing durability — repairs are the smart, affordable option.

Also, concrete lifting resolves the problems with your concrete structure within hours. You don’t have to wait weeks or months to drive or walk on the surface like you would if you had it replaced. You can use it the very same day.

Finally, think of the flowers! Tearing out a driveway or patio will undoubtedly affect the nearby grass, plants and shrubs you’ve carefully tended over the years. However, when you simply repair the slab, your landscaping stays intact and unharmed.

It’s Time to Take Action

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