4 Misconceptions About Concrete Repair

4 Misconceptions About Concrete Repair

Are you exploring whether concrete repair is the right solution for your cracked, broken sidewalk or pool deck? Or your sinking concrete steps and tilted driveway?

If this is the first time you’ve had to deal with this problem, you may hear some falsehoods about how concrete repair can (or can’t) help you. Don’t let the four misconceptions listed below keep you from calling Lift-Up Concrete for solutions.

Myth #1: Anyone Can Do It

Sure — there are plenty of DIY projects you can handle yourself, but don’t let that fool you into thinking concrete repair is easy. It’s not always straightforward to predict how the structure will respond to the lifting process. If you leave it in the hands of an amateur or try to handle it on your own, you could wind up with a bigger problem than when you started.

When searching for professionals to help, look for someone with a range of experience with different projects. Check their references and their license too.

Myth #2: It’s Expensive

Maybe you’ve had a friend or neighbor look at your sinking concrete and say, “Wow, that will be expensive to fix!”

Don’t assume they’re right. If you think concrete lifting is costly, you’ll likely put it off as long as you can, which can make problems worse. Even though it might have been simple and inexpensive to fix at the beginning, it will get more complicated by the day.

Concrete repair isn’t always expensive; check with a professional for details. A qualified, experienced repair expert will give you a quote that includes labor and materials so you know exactly what to expect.

Myth #3: Filling in Cracks Is Enough

How concrete looks is important, but filling in cracks isn’t enough to correct deeper issues. You can caulk and seal cracks all you want, but this will never be a substitute for concrete lifting. The cracks will only worsen and multiply over time.

Myth #4: It’s Better to Just Replace the Concrete

You might be surprised at this one. When you look at a patch of damaged concrete, you may think it’s done for. But again, don’t assume until you get advice from an expert. It’s a big commitment to rip out and re-pour concrete, and if you can fix it without embarking on this type of project, you should.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we spend every day busting myths about the limits of concrete repair with our cost-effective pricing and top-tier service. How can we help your concrete look and function better?