DIY Concrete Lifting Can Go Wrong

How DIY Concrete Lifting Can Go Wrong

Concrete lifting is an effective fix … if it’s done right. If not, you’re stuck with a bigger problem than when you began, and that’s why the DIY route isn’t the recommended path to take.

Even if you’re hands-on with most home repairs, a concrete slab isn’t as easy to deal with as your gutters or landscaping. And sometimes an attempt at a repair can leave you in a worse mess than when you started.

You Know You Need Concrete Repair

One of the best features about concrete as a building material is its longevity. It is structurally sound for years, well past the time frame of many other materials, such as wood or asphalt. But concrete isn’t just durable, it’s also repairable! You can get it back to the way it used to look.

Even some of the most extreme concrete damage can be fixed. It simply must be done correctly.

You Don’t Have the Right Tools

The first way that concrete lifting could get derailed is if you find that the tools you’re using aren’t adequate for the job. Professionals use specialized equipment to bore small holes into the surface of the concrete, then they use pressurized pumps to inject the right stabilizing material beneath the slab.

If you try to handle this task with tools that aren’t specifically intended for this purpose, you could wind up damaging more than the surface — you could cause a weakness in the slab’s structure so that future professional concrete lifting won’t resolve the problem.

It Takes up So Much Time

One of the benefits of hiring a professional team is that the job is completed quickly — usually within a day.

If you depend on an online video and a makeshift tool set, even if you get the issue resolved on your own, it could take you much longer than you originally intended. Since one of the benefits of concrete lifting is saving time, this could negate one of the top factors that causes many homeowners to choose this repair method in the first place.

You Could End Up Needing Replacement Anyway

A makeshift concrete repair isn’t a long-term fix. With our professional concrete lifting, we only take on the jobs where we know we can provide a sturdy, lasting outcome. A DIY project is less of a guarantee — you hope it works, but you have no assurance that it will.

If there’s a chance you could wind up damaging your concrete and needing complete slab replacement anyway, why take the chance? Don’t waste your time, money and energy — trust our cost-effective services instead.

Make the Right Move: Get a Professional on the Job

At Lift-Up Concrete, we are in the business of transformation. You won’t believe the incredible before and after you’ll be able to showcase to your family, neighbors and friends. Concrete lifting can work for you without you doing the work! Contact us today for a free quote.