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How to Save Money on Concrete Repair in Salt Lake City

Are you in need of concrete repair? Fixing a settled driveway, sunken patio, uneven walkway or any other damaged slab can restore the curb appeal of your Salt Lake City home or business and help keep everyone who visits safe.

With any property improvement project, cost is a consideration. Fortunately, while dealing with slab damage can be an expensive endeavor, there are ways you can cut the cost of concrete repair without sacrificing quality. Here, the professional team at Lift-Up Concrete shares tips on how to get the job done for an affordable price.

Address the Issue Early

Small cracks in a concrete slab or a slightly tilted surface might seem like a minor problem, but left unresolved, the damage is only going to get worse as time goes on.

A greater amount of damage requires more extensive – and more expensive – repair work. As such, the key to saving money on concrete repair is to act quickly, contacting a qualified Salt Lake City contractor without delay. Hold off for too long, and you might have no choice but to tear out and replace the damaged slab. That’s a costly project.

Choose the Right Repair

Many people think that replacing a damaged slab is the only option or the best option, and in most cases, neither is true. Mudjacking is more effective – and it costs less.

Mudjacking offers long-lasting results because it addresses the cause of damage to a slab, resolving instabilities in the soil underneath. The slab tear-out and replacement process costs two to three times as much as mudjacking, but soil stabilization isn’t involved – which means newly poured concrete is likely to crack and settle in the future.

Don’t Take the DIY Route

These days, articles and videos about concrete repair are widely available online. So, why not find a good walkthrough and deal with the damaged slab yourself?

That approach isn’t going to save you much money. The cost of making the cement slurry mixture and renting the necessary equipment is pretty close to what you’d pay a professional contractor to handle the task. What’s more, given that you likely don’t have training or experience, attempting a DIY concrete repair could make the problem worse.

Hire the Right Contractor

Before hiring a professional to restore your cracked, settled or sunken slab, take the time to do a bit of research – you need to find a well-qualified Salt Lake City contractor.

For high-quality mudjacking, you need to hire an expert in concrete repair, a licensed professional who’s been serving the Salt Lake City area for several years. Sure, you might save money by going with a brand new company or hiring a local handyman. But their lack of skill is likely to show – and their work may not stand the test of time.

Maintain Your Concrete

Choose mudjacking, and you shouldn’t need to plan a repeat concrete repair anytime soon. With preventive maintenance, the results can last a decade or longer.

What does it take to keep a concrete slab in good shape? Caulking the cracks immediately after mudjacking is crucial, and to prevent moisture infiltration, you’ll want to seal the surface periodically. These tasks aren’t too challenging, but if you’d rather not add to your chore list, you can have a professional contractor handle the work.

Time Your Repair Work

In Salt Lake City, the busiest time for concrete repair tends to be in the summer – and like other property improvement projects, the price is often higher in the peak season.

If you plan your mudjacking project for the spring or fall, when professional contractors usually have more availability in their schedules, the cost may be less. Early winter can be an option, too, but only if temperatures have been mild. And, you can always ask if moving your concrete repair to a different date or time would result in a better price.

Contact Lift-Up Concrete for a Free Concrete Repair Consultation

How much will it cost to fix your damaged slab? Getting quotes from a few Salt Lake City concrete repair companies is the best way to make sure you pay a fair price for the work you need done – but then again, cost shouldn’t be your only consideration.

For your project to be a long-term success, the contractor you choose needs to have the right credentials. Professional training and extensive experience are essential, of course, as are insurance and a license to engage in concrete repair work in the state of Utah. And while the vast majority of mudjacking projects go exactly as planned, with no issues afterward, it’s a good idea to go with a company that guarantees their work.

Lift-Up Concrete fits the description above – and along with affordable pricing, we’re known for stellar workmanship and outstanding customer service. You don’t have to believe us, though, as we’re happy to provide references from recent projects. For more information, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for concrete repair at your Salt Lake City home or business property, contact us today.