Mudjacking for Concrete Repair

Mudjacking is one of the best solutions for cracked or sunken concrete. Your broken driveway, stairs, patio or pool deck need fixes that fit your budget, works quickly and last a long time. You need mudjacking.

concrete repair

What Exactly Is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is another term for slabjacking, concrete lifting, concrete raising or slab leveling.

We use a special drill to bore a small hole in the concrete directly over the area in need of repair. Then we use a hydraulic pump to release stabilizing material underneath the slab. Once enough has been added to the void and the slab has been raised to the appropriate level, we allow the mixture to harden, ensuring the structure remains firm and immovable.

Mudjacking is a great option because:

1. It’s Affordable

When compared to the cost of replacing concrete, mudjacking is much cheaper. You don’t have to pay for excavation and the labor involved in pouring and setting new concrete. It’s a minor repair project instead of a major renovation, delivering extensive cost savings.

2. It’s Fast

While removing old material and pouring new concrete takes days, mudjacking takes only hours. Even better, you’ll be able to be walk and drive on your repaired surfaces the same day. You don’t have to wait months for the curing process to render the concrete solid and stable.

3. It Uses Natural Materials

Using mudjacking grout as the stabilizer for your concrete is safe. It contains no harmful chemicals that can leach into the soil. Qualified concrete lifting specialists use a balanced grout mixture that will last for years to come.

4. It’s Noninvasive

You don’t have to worry that your plants and grass will suffer any harm. The entire process is noninvasive. The machines used, like the concrete drill and the hydraulic pump, will not ruin your landscaping. You will hardly be able to tell that a concrete lifting team was even on your property, since the only evidence will be your newly even, secure slab.

5. It’s Proven

Mudjacking has been used for decades. It’s a proven technique designed to save you money while improving the look and function of the concrete structure on your property. When you know you can depend on a time-tested strategy, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from confidence in your decision.

Contact Lift-Up Concrete for a personalized, free mudjacking repair quote, and find out more about how this efficient, affordable service can solve your problems and improve the look of your property.