repairing concrete garage

4 Tips for Repairing Concrete in Your Garage

Repairing concrete is a task that often sits on your to-do list for far too long. However, mending your pavement fast is an important step toward avoiding further damage.

Imperfections and weaknesses in concrete often put a lot of the stress on a slab. Problems like this usually tend to get worse. In fact, the damage will only spread the longer it’s left untreated.

repairing concrete garage

If you wait too long to repair your concrete, you may end up with a hefty replacement bill instead of a simple repair. Take a look at our ideas to help you get started repairing the concrete in your garage.

1. Clean and Clear it Out

Sometimes damage in the garage can go unnoticed when you have or vehicles or items taking up the space. So before you plan repairs, clear out the garage and make sure there isn’t any damage you’ve been unaware of. It’ll take a little extra work to clear things out and clean it up, but it’s worth it in the end.

Also, cleaning off dirt or dust will help you pinpoint many of the problems.

2. Smooth it Out

Concrete problems usually fall into three main categories: pockets, sinking slabs and cracks.

Pockets are commonly referred to as pitted flooring. It looks like groups of small holes in the concrete and usually is a result of poor finishing.

As the weather gets cold, this problem can worsen, especially if water leaks into the garage. The solution is to apply resurfacer. This is an easy, cost-effective project you can do in a weekend.

3. Keep it Level

Another problem that affects concrete garages is sinking slabs. This occurs when the foundation shifts or is improperly prepared for the concrete.

Air pockets can eventually cause the concrete slab to sink as a result of the lack of support.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a project you’ll be able to handle easily by yourself. You’ll need the help of professional concrete lifters such as the team at Lift-Up Concrete. We have the machinery and the experience to get your concrete back in position without further damaging it.

4. Fill in Cracks

If you have cracks in your concrete, you’ll want to fix them at this time as well. Cracks are a little trickier to fix by yourself. However, because this job doesn’t need specialized equipment, it’s not impossible to do on your own.

Start Repairing Concrete Today

Your concrete can go back to looking like new with just a little time and attention.

Here at Lift-Up Concrete, we want to help you get your garage back in order as fast as possible. Our team can help you with sagging slabs, uneven edges and much more. Call us to learn how you can start repairing concrete today!