Reasons You Need Void Filling Under Concrete

5 Reasons You Need Void Filling Under Concrete

Concrete void filling is critical to the structural integrity of your living and driving areas. This could include your driveway, patio, walkway, pool deck or any other concrete slab you depend on to support you and your activities.

Many times, customers call Lift-Up Concrete after their concrete has already broken and sunk because of a void, but we recommend void filling before this happens.

Below are five reasons your home (and you) will benefit from this service.

1. Prevent Critters from Building Nests

If there’s a protected, warm hole for critters to take up residence in, you’d better believe they will find it! When animals are allowed to make their home beneath your concrete, it sets the stage for a range of problems. The pests could start getting into your garbage every day. They could find entryways to your home and eat building materials like insulation.

It’s in your best interests to keep all critters away, and it starts with eliminating all potential areas in which they could nest.

2. Stop Erosion in its Tracks

Maybe the void underneath your concrete formed due to improper drainage. Void filling should be one of the steps you take to correct this problem.

But first, assess where the water is coming from and work with a landscaping expert to direct the flow somewhere other than underneath your concrete. Next, use void filling to take care of the empty space under your concrete.

3. Guard Against Concrete Damage

One of the critical reasons void filling should be a priority is because the longer you wait to address the issue of unsupported concrete, the higher the likelihood that the concrete will cave in.

Concrete is strong, but it needs foundational support to keep it stable. Voids allowed to expand unchecked are typically the top cause of concrete damage.

4. Save Money!

Void filling isn’t a major expense — and it can prevent a major expense! When you hire Lift-Up Concrete to take care of the voids that are causing problems, you will save money. We get the job done affordably and you won’t have to pay for critter removal, erosion repair or concrete replacement.

5. Protect Your Curb Appeal

Finally, one of the top reasons you need void filling is to preserve your curb appeal. Your home should look beautiful, and keeping it that way helps retain your home’s value. It’s a preventive measure that can go a long way toward keeping your home looking its best.

How can we detect voids under concrete? How much do we charge for void filling?

If these questions are on your mind, call Lift-Up Concrete today for a free quote.