address concrete issues before snow

Address Your Concrete Issues Before the Snow Sticks

If you’ve recently noticed uneven concrete issues in your driveway, patio or other major concrete areas on your Utah property, you might be thinking of simply leaving them alone until the spring. The snow is about to fall, after all, and how much worse could these issues really get over the winter?

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’re here to advise you against this kind of thinking. If you require driveway lifting or leveling services, we highly recommend you call us and get these scheduled for before the snow drops and the full winter has completely hit. Here are a few of the primary reasons why we will never advise that you wait through the winter to get your concrete leveling issues handled.


Snow and ice that come during winter are already hazards to begin with, and uneven concrete issues can exacerbate them in several unsafe ways. Trips and falls become far more likely, often due to the fact that you simply can’t see the uneven areas you have to navigate on your patio or driveway.

Even when you can see them, it’s much easier to lose your balance and risk a fall. This kind of thing goes double for any children you have in the home, who have less balance and may not pay as much attention to danger areas as they play outside. Not only will getting leveling done before the ice and snow hits save you money in the long run on your concrete, it will prevent costly medical bills and other negatives that come with safety hazards.

Snowblowing Issues

Have you ever tried to use the snowblower on a driveway that’s badly uneven? Not only will the job simply not get done as well – which can in turn lead to additional hazards, which we discussed above – you’re also risking major damage to your snowblower itself. Those blades aren’t invincible, and they will bend or even fully break if they’re regularly hitting uneven concrete.

Rather than deal with these issues, which might reduce the lifespan of your snowblower by as much as 50 percent, simply call us about concrete leveling before this becomes a problem. Both your driveway and your snowblower will appreciate the gesture.

It’ll Only Get Worse

You may think you can simply let your cracked or uneven concrete sit over the winter and get to it when the snow thaws, but this simply isn’t the case – at least not if you’re talking about the same level of damage being present, and therefore the same level of repair needed. Moisture from snow and ice will spend the entire winter infiltrating these cracks and uneven areas, widening them through the expansion and contraction of water at freezing temperatures. What you come back to in the spring will likely be exponentially worse than what you could have addressed in the previous fall.

For more on why having your concrete issues addressed before the snow sticks is vital, or to learn about any of our concrete leveling or raising services, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.