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Breaking Down the Costs of Concrete Leveling

Cost is an important consideration with any type of property renovation. As such, before you move forward with concrete leveling at your Salt Lake City home, you’ll want to understand the financial impact of the project.

To find out how much you’ll need to budget, you’ll need to get estimates from a few local professional mudjacking contractors. The average price online for concrete leveling can be found online, but a number of factors contribute to the cost — and since every project is unique, there’s no way to predict if the total to level and stabilize your sunken slab will be close to the national average.

What we can say, though, is that for homeowners in Salt Lake City, concrete leveling is the least expensive method of fixing an uneven slab. To explain what the cost covers, here’s a look at the various elements that go into our concrete repair estimates.

Baseline Costs for Concrete Leveling

Every service business has fixed costs, or unavoidable expenses like rent, property taxes, wages and utilities. Professional mudjacking contractors have these sorts of overhead expenses, too, and for a concrete repair company, tools, equipment, employee training, licensure and insurance are also fixed costs.

Estimates for concrete leveling start with a baseline fee to cover the company’s fixed costs. The amount can vary between mudjacking contractors in the Salt Lake City area, but be wary of anyone who charges very little – consider that a red flag for problems.

Enormity of the Voids Under the Slab

When a concrete slab starts to sink into the ground, voids or air pockets within the soil underneath are usually to blame. The expansive clay soil commonly found in northern Utah is vulnerable to the development of voids, and other issues, such as burrowing animals and tree root growth, can make matters worse.

The concrete leveling process can effectively lift and stabilize a sunken slab, but for that to happen, all of the empty spaces in the soil underneath must be filled with a cement slurry. Extensive voids require more of this mixture, driving up the cost of the repair.

Scope of the Concrete Repair Project

Just like any other property improvement project, the cost of concrete leveling depends largely upon the size of the job. So, for instance, a Salt Lake City homeowner who wants to fix a small patio or a section of the sidewalk will likely pay less than someone who needs concrete repair for a badly settled pool deck or driveway.

The key to paying a fair price given the scope of the work involved is to choose a trustworthy mudjacking contractor, one who will measure the area in question before providing an estimate. Here at Lift-Up Concrete, that’s the standard practice.

Difficulty in Completing the Repair Work

Estimates for all types of business services also include labor charges, and the more time and work a project requires, the higher the total labor costs. When it comes to a Salt Lake City concrete leveling project, the cost of labor is directly related to two elements – how easy the area is to reach and how much the concrete has settled.

With a slightly sunken slab in a spot that’s easily accessible, concrete leveling can be completed quickly, resulting in low labor charges. When a mudjacking contractor has to work in tight quarters or concrete settlement is more extensive, the opposite is true.

Urgency in Leveling the Sunken Slab

Service businesses often have very busy schedules, and while many are willing to take rush jobs, most charge extra to complete work on an expedited timeline. The is the norm for northern Utah companies that offer concrete leveling, but some Salt Lake City homeowners need an immediate fix, despite the added cost.

While swift action to lift and stabilize uneven concrete at a residential property is rarely required, certain issues, such as problems with wheelchair access, may call for urgency. For those concerned about cost, Lift-Up Concrete can create a payment plan.

Comparing Concrete Repair Estimates

No Salt Lake City homeowner wants to pay any more than necessary for concrete leveling – and the best way to make sure you don’t get overcharged is to get at least a few estimates from local professional mudjacking contractors. That way, you can compare costs and snag a great price.

Having said that, cost isn’t the only important factor for a concrete leveling project. Automatically going with the concrete repair company that comes in with the lowest bid may not be in your best interests. In this situation, you do get what you pay for, so take the time to consider each contractor’s experience and qualifications. Check their references and company reviews, too, and don’t forget to look into the warranty they provide for their work. A few minutes of research can keep you from making a potentially costly mistake.

Lift-Up Concrete, a leading northern Utah concrete repair company, serves homeowners and commercial clients in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. To request a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for concrete leveling, contact us today.