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Factors Involved in Concrete Repair Cost Estimates

As any homeowner who has arranged for services on their property is likely aware, an important part of this process is to canvass a few options for pricing estimates. These estimates, which will also contain prudent information about services offered and other vital bits, help you make your decision on which contractor or service provider to go with for all your basic needs.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’re happy to provide detailed estimates and other information about any of our commercial or residential concrete lifting and leveling services. Today’s blog will go over several important factors that help determine concrete leveling costs and estimates, helping you understand what goes into the estimates you receive from our professionals or any other concrete lifting and leveling contractor.

Fixed Costs

The final cost of concrete lifting and leveling services can vary pretty widely, but one group of costs that will remain relatively standardized for most basic jobs will be known as “fixed” costs. We’re talking here about simple factors present in virtually every job we perform, from the tools we bring with us while working on your structure to the training, licensing and insurance of all our employees.

Now, these fixed costs may vary somewhat between different concrete repair contractors around the state or country. But they won’t range too far apart in most cases – if you do happen to notice a contractor offering far lower baseline costs for these areas, this actually might be a red flag that indicates low-quality services.

Disrepair State

We mentioned that concrete repair costs often vary widely, and the area that tends to determine this fluctuation is the state of disrepair the concrete in question is in. This makes inherent sense: Concrete that has very few issues will be much simpler and more affordable to remedy, while significantly damaged concrete will take a greater effort and, therefore, will cost more.

There are several factors that go into determining damage and disrepair levels, including the depth of the concrete and whether it was cracked versus other major concerns like sinking or large splits. For more detail here, speak to one of our concrete repair specialists.

Insurance Considerations

One additional factor that it’s worth noting in its own section here is insurance. Any concrete repair contractor you hire should have proper licensure and insurance for all their workers – this is to protect both the company and its clients from potential liability in case anything goes wrong. Any contractor you receive an estimate from who does not include insurance coverage as part of their end of things should be questioned about why, and should not be hired if their answer is not sufficient.

For more on the factors that play a role in determining concrete lifting and leveling cost estimates, or to learn about any of our concrete repair services, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.