commercial concrete inspection

When Was Your Last Commercial Concrete Inspection?

A commercial concrete inspection is vital — for your safety and your budget. It reveals underlying problems that, if attended to right away, can prevent customer and employee injury, and more expensive repairs.

Companies rely on concrete to build sidewalks, steps, parking lots and more because it’s one of the longest-lasting, most durable surfaces available. However, it’s not invincible.

Eventually, wear and tear from regular use and exposure to weather extremes gets the best of even the strongest concrete structure. The key is to spot this degradation before it progresses too far. That’s where a commercial concrete inspection helps.

Can you remember the last time you scheduled a concrete checkup for your business property?

Regular Maintenance Checks Are Necessary

Think about what commercial concrete does for you. It provides a smooth, even surface for your customers to walk or drive on. It supports staircases customers repeatedly walk on. It’s fully integrated into your commercial property’s design, and if it begins to crack or sink, problems arise.

If customers are injured on your property, that’s your responsibility. While insurance policies will likely cover claims, the annual premium will also spike, leading to years of increased costs.

In addition, when concrete is not repaired, issues can quickly escalate. You can get stuck with a major problem that could have been prevented with a swift, simple fix.

Regular inspections are designed to prevent injuries and minimize damage in an effort to maintain your structures and keep costs low. They are necessary for you, as a commercial property owner or operator, and you’ll get a bonus into the bargain: peace of mind.

Concrete Inspections: What Do They Include?

Every area of your property where concrete is part of the structure is examined, whether it’s a parking lot, a sidewalk or a pillar.

Even more important is who is completing this inspection. You may think that by walking your property, you’ll get a complete idea of your concrete’s condition. This isn’t always true. Yes, you may be able to spot cracks and areas where the surface is beginning to sink, but this material is more complex than you might think.

By trusting commercial concrete inspection to a trained professional, you’re ensuring that someone with an in-depth knowledge will examine your property. They will know exactly how the material was mixed and installed, and how it weathered with age, enabling them to spot subtler changes in the structures.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’re focused on providing top-tier service at an affordable price. You can afford a free commercial concrete inspection. Call today to schedule an appointment with our team, and find out what shape your concrete is in.