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Concrete Lifting Won’t Harm Your Landscaping

You’ve heard all about how concrete lifting can quickly repair your sinking, uneven concrete, but you may have a few questions about how the process works. You need answers before you consider concrete lifting.

While you’d love to get your concrete repaired, your main concern is your landscaping. You’ve poured hours of hard, sweaty work into creating a garden that enhances your home’s curb appeal and your enjoyment of your yard. If concrete lifting is going to destroy your efforts, is it really worth it?

How Does it Work?

Understanding how the repair process works will help you realize that it’s not a threat to your landscaping. If anything, it’s the solution that’s going to protect your landscaping from future damage!

Concrete lifting is a straightforward. The crew arrives and drills a small hole in the sunken section. Using a high-powered pump, they inject grout beneath the slab, raising it up to its previous even level. They repair and seal all cracks, and when they’re done, the walkway, patio or driveway is once again smooth and level.

The entire job is complete within a matter of hours, and you’re able to walk or drive on the structure the same day.

Replacement vs. Repair

Compare the process of concrete lifting to replacement. Replacing a section of concrete, or an entire concrete structure, is a much more time-consuming, involved process.

First, the existing concrete has to be demolished and removed. The area must be compacted and prepared for pouring new material. Place forms may have to be built as well. You can be sure that all this activity is going to disturb, and possibly even ruin, your surrounding landscaping.

Ignoring the Problem Is the Biggest Threat to Your Yard

It’s normal to worry how a project like concrete repair will affect your yard, but doing nothing about your sinking concrete is what will damage your plants! The reason your concrete started to sink in the first place is likely because of soil erosion.
Over time, as more and more soil washes out from underneath your concrete, it could begin to affect nearby landscaping as well.

And when the damage gets so bad that repairs are no longer an option, replacing the slab becomes necessary, and that’s a project that can pose a threat to your landscaping.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we take pride in what we do, just like you take pride in your landscaping. We handle your property with care, completing our project with little to no disturbance to your flower beds. You can trust us to repair your concrete without destroying your yard in the process — we promise.

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