Cracked Patio

Concrete Repair or Slab Replacement for a Cracked Patio?

If you have a cracked patio at your home in Ogden, Utah, you’ll need to consider concrete repair or slab replacement at some point.

A cracked slab isn’t just an eyesore and a safety risk – it also affects your home’s resale value. And while you may not be looking to put your house on the market anytime soon, a lower property value could impact your ability to refinance your mortgage or secure a home equity line of credit. This being the case, the situation isn’t one you should ignore.

So, what’s the preferred plan of action for a cracked patio?

Slab replacement might seem to be the obvious solution, but tearing out the old concrete and pouring a new patio slab is the most expensive way to take care of the problem. Concrete repair, or mudjacking, comes at a much more affordable price – and it’s a highly effective fix. Read on to learn more.

How the Concrete Repair Process Works

As many Ogden homeowners aren’t all that familiar with mudjacking, an explanation of how it works is in order. The concrete repair technique has three steps:

Step 1: Drilling

After completing a ground penetrating radar (GPR) scan to locate the voids or air pockets in the soil, professional contractors drill a few strategically placed holes through the cracked concrete slab. Each of the holes is roughly two inches in diameter, and the number needed depends on the scope of the mudjacking project.

Step 2: Pumping

Using a hydraulic pump, the mudjacking slurry mixture – made of Portland cement and water combined with other materials, like sand and pulverized limestone – is sent through the holes to fill the voids in the soil underneath. Once all of the air pockets are eliminated, pressure works to raise the slab into the proper position.

Step 3: Sealing

When the concrete is stable and level, professional contractors clean any leftover mudjacking slurry off of the slab. Then, the cracks and the drilled holes simply need to be sealed to prevent future water penetration. Some Ogden homeowners handle this task themselves, but it can also be built into the mudjacking project.

Why Concrete Repair is the Preferred Solution

As you can see, mudjacking is a relatively simple method of concrete repair. The price reflects this, as professional contractors in Ogden, Utah, typically charge just a few dollars per square foot. In contrast, the cost of slab replacement is closer to $50 per square foot. But, financial savings isn’t the only reason to choose concrete repair for a cracked patio. Consider these benefits:

Mudjacking saves you time.

Most residential mudjacking projects are completed within an hour or two, and a patio that has been repaired can withstand heavy weight a few hours later. With slab replacement, the process is much longer – tearing out concrete and pouring a new slab can take several days. What’s more, no furniture or anything else can be placed on a newly poured patio for at least a week or two.

Mudjacking is an effective fix.

The most likely cause of cracking in a concrete patio is the formation of air pockets in the soil underneath. After mudjacking, the voids are gone, and the repaired slab remains stable and secure for at least eight to ten years. Not so with slab replacement – the process doesn’t typically address the soil voids, and since they still exist, cracks could easily develop in a newly poured patio.

Mudjacking is eco-friendly.

The materials that make up the mudjacking slurry are completely natural, and the concrete repair process requires a single truck equipped with a high-powered drill and a hydraulic pump. Little energy is needed to stabilize a cracked patio, and no resources are wasted. Comparatively, slab replacement involves power-hunger equipment, landfill waste and a much larger carbon footprint.

When Slab Replacement is the Right Choice

As much as we’d love to say that concrete repair is always the right solution for a cracked patio, unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

For a slab in poor condition, replacement may very well be the only option. So, if your concrete patio is riddled with cracks or starting to crumble – or if it has significantly settled – mudjacking isn’t advisable.

Additionally, if the situation with your cracked patio is affecting the integrity of your home foundation, slab replacement may be necessary. While effective, concrete repair is no substitute for foundation piering.

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