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Is Mudjacking a Long-Lasting Concrete Repair Solution?

No one in Ogden, Utah, wants to redo a concrete repair project after a short period of time, as that would be like throwing money down the drain. However, those who choose mudjacking don’t have that concern.

Generally speaking, concrete that is raised and leveled using the mudjacking method remains stable, secure and trouble-free for at least 8 to 10 years. With mudjacking, instabilities in the underlying soil are eliminated, which keeps the concrete from sinking and cracking again. The efficacy is well-proven, too — mudjacking has been in use since the 1930’s, and today’s professional concrete repair contractors continue to rely on the technique.

However, certain factors can impact how long a slab stands strong after mudjacking. If you’re planning to get concrete repair, follow the advice below for long-term results.

Issues that Contribute to Concrete Problems

The expansive nature of the soil here in Ogden, Utah, and the freeze-and-thaw cycles we get every winter might be the reason you need concrete repair. That said, if any of the following played a role, addressing the issue is essential for mudjacking to be a long-term solution:

  • Drainage – Downspouts that direct rain and melting snow toward a slab are sure to make the concrete settle more quickly.
  • Property grade – If the slope of the ground isn’t built up properly, water will flow into the soil under a slab, making it unstable.
  • Plant roots – Without root barrier systems, trees and shrubs growing too near a slab can cause settlement problems.
  • Burrowing pests – Voles, moles and groundhogs create underground tunnels, affecting the integrity of the slab above.

Long-Term Results Require Concrete Repair Expertise

Countless videos and do-it-yourself guides to mudjacking can be found online, and using that information, some Ogden property owners decide to handle the concrete repair work themselves. But for long-lasting results, this isn’t the right route to take.

Planning a mudjacking project means making several decisions, including how many holes to drill through the slab, where to place each one, what type of slurry mixture to use and how much of the mixture to pump into the soil. Online tutorials make all of this seem simple, but without training, knowledge and skill in concrete repair, that certainly isn’t the case. With that in mind, hiring an experienced professional contractor – like Lift-Up Concrete – is the best way to ensure good results with mudjacking.

In addition, taking the right steps after mudjacking can make a major difference in how long a slab remains in a stable and level position. At Lift-Up Concrete, we recommend:

  • Immediately caulking the drilled holes and any cracks in the concrete to keep rain and melting snow from penetrating the surface
  • Periodically resealing the concrete to strengthen its waterproof properties and help prevent the surface from chipping and cracking

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