concrete erosion

Erosion Under Concrete? Fix it Before it Causes Damage.

Erosion under concrete is serious, whether it’s your foundation, driveway, patio or sidewalk that’s affected. Without the right support, concrete will crack, sink and cease to be the sturdy, solid surface you can count on.

It’s imperative to fix erosion under concrete as soon as possible, but first you need to know what to look for. Not every case of a void underneath your concrete will be obvious at first.

What Comes First, Settlement or Erosion?

Erosion under concrete isn’t always caused by rushing water. What you mistake for erosion might actually be a simple case of settlement.

Before concrete is poured, the soil is packed down to release air pockets and provide the firmest foundation possible for the structure. But even the best soil compaction job can’t prevent a certain degree of settlement, which takes place over years following the concrete installation.

If the original soil wasn’t compacted well, settlement can be extreme — enough to cause a major void underneath the concrete and lead to cracks, sinking and other problems.

Many times, soil will settle underneath the concrete and allow just enough space for water to penetrate. This is when you’ll notice erosion, which will quickly amplify the settlement problem.

Burst Pipes Pose Problems

Another issue that could cause erosion under concrete is a burst water pipe. If the pipe is beneath the concrete, the structure will no longer have firm, dry soil underneath it — just mud.

Improper Water Drainage Can Cause the Issue

Roofing and gutter experts make it a point to direct water away from your foundation (and other concrete structures.) During Utah’s wet season, the outpouring can easily wash away supportive soil from around your walkway, driveway, patio and foundation. Improper water drainage can take its toll, causing the erosion that could potentially lead to sinking and cracking.

How Can You Tell?

What’s a clear sign you have some issues with proper support? You may start to see bending or a hollow forming in your concrete. When rain starts to collect in puddles, the surface is no longer even — there’s a lack of support underneath.

It’s Time for Repairs

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to repair this problem that doesn’t involve ripping up the entire slab. With slabjacking, a stable grout mixture is injected beneath the surface, filling the voids and reestablishing the strength your slab needs to last for ages.

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