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What to Expect During Concrete Floor Leveling

Whether we’re talking about the garage or another important area of your home, leveling a concrete floor is a common need. Important for everything from safety to property and home value, concrete leveling services can range from small fixes to raising entire damaged slabs.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we can help with all garage floor lifting and leveling you require in your home or business. Garage doors are known to sink, unfortunately, especially if they don’t have the right kind of drain functioning installed or are exposed to significant snow and ice on a regular basis. They may also show large cracks in some cases.

What are the steps you should follow with our professionals if this has happened to your garage floor? Here are some basics of what to expect during concrete floor leveling and lifting services.


For starters, we’ll work with you to assess the damage present on your floor or surface, then determine exactly what kind of work needs to be done to repair it. From here, we’ll give you a basic quote that will include things like the cost of all materials, how long the job will take, the cost of labor, and finally the cost of the entire job. If you’re getting quotes from our competitors as well, know that we welcome this and know our services stack up with anyone – but be sure to check for all the important details, as there are unfortunately a few less than reputable competitors in this industry.


In the past, concrete leveling was a long, arduous process. Companies like ours would have to manually remove entire slabs of concrete, haul them away, and then pour new concrete in the required area – a process that was both more time-consuming and exponentially more expensive. Luckily, newer technology and processes have allowed this to be a thing of the past.

Instead, we now use a lifting process that’s far easier and more affordable. It involves first drilling small holes into the block or area of concrete that has been sunken or otherwise damaged. This is in preparation for our next step.


Once holes are drilled, we pump a green, environmentally-friendly grout mixture into any voids or sunken areas of the concrete slab. This requires no removal, and lifts the surface of the concrete up evenly across the entire area. It’s then filled with non-shrinking grout that will trap this mixture under the surface, keeping the concrete level permanently.


From here, we just take the small steps of smoothing everything off to make it look and feel perfect. The process is simple and takes nowhere near as long as older, manual services.

For more on what to expect during concrete floor leveling, or to learn about any of our concrete driveway services, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.