foundation repair early steps

Foundation Repair: Rigorous Early Steps

As we’ve gone over several times previously in this space, there’s a direct connection between your home’s foundation and several nearby concrete surfaces. From garage floors to driveways, patios and several other areas that are commonly made from concrete, there’s a specific connection between the care for these areas and the long-term quality of your home’s foundation.

At Lift-Up Concrete Lifting LLC, we’re happy to offer numerous commercial, municipal and residential concrete lifting and leveling services that have an impact on not only your concrete areas, but also the care of your foundation in many cases. Concrete repair is one of several themes that at least touches on the foundation, themes that also include areas like basement waterproofing and various forms of sealing against moisture. They help avoid foundation repair needs – and this is important because foundation repair is not only costly, but also a major hassle for home and property owners that’s very time-consuming. This two-part blog series will go over all the laborious steps of a foundation repair that we’ll help you avoid through quality concrete repair services.

Pilings Placed

When foundation is damaged to the point where repair is required, the first step will involve placing pilings around the entire perimeter of the foundation. Pilings refer to columns that can be pushed into the ground around the foundation, serving as an additional support section so no additional damage is done while the repair is taking place. Without pilings, there would be no way to safely raise your foundation and work on it.

Access Tunnels

Next up, foundation repair professionals will dig underneath the home in intervals, moving from one end to the other. The goal here is to obtain access to interior foundation beams, or the thicker walls that support most of your home’s weight. Tunnels are dug that allow foundation repair professionals to access these beams.

HVAC Pad Lifting

Now it’s time for the foundation itself to be lifted, and this also includes anything next to the house – including HVAC items like the AC pad. This ensures that no connections are broken during the foundation repair process. However, certain landscaping elements near the house may be significantly affected by this process, or even might have to be removed in some cases.

Breakout Process

This step won’t be necessary in all situations, but is common for many homes. If concrete areas like the garage, driveway or patio is set up so that foundation beams under this area cannot be accessed, the surface will need to go through a “breakout,” or a process where the concrete surface is broken to allow access to foundation beams. Later on, these areas will be patched back up.

For more on the rigorous process of foundation repair, or to learn how our concrete lifting and leveling services help avoid the need for this service, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete Lifting LLC today.