concrete lifting remedy standing water

How Concrete Lifting Helps Remedy Standing Water Issues

There are a number of different potential risks to property out there, and several such risks relate to moisture and water presence. A good example here is standing water, which refers to any larger pool of water that’s collected on the property – these areas can look ugly, for starters, but also may risk several areas of property damage or other future issues.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we have a great potential solution available for standing water on concrete surfaces: Concrete lifting and leveling. We provide residential, commercial and municipal concrete lifting and leveling services for several purposes, including helping level off the surface to remove damaging standing water deposits. Here are some of the risks these standing water areas may pose to any property type, plus the basics on how our services will help you avoid these risks.

Risks of Standing Water on Property

Standing water, even in smaller quantities affecting only limited concrete areas, can pose a few specific hazards to your property:

  • Safety hazards: For starters, standing water in large enough quantities can be a basic slip risk, particularly for older people or younger children. For another, however, puddles of water are also great at hiding various hazards that might be present below them, whether we’re talking about deep holes, sharp edges or any other kind of risk that could sit just below the surface. In addition, water that sits long enough may develop a slime below it, one that not only increases slip risks but can also be unhealthy for humans.
  • Concrete damage: Concrete generally sits above a foundation of soil, and too much standing water can damage this foundation. Water can create instability in concrete boosters, limiting their ability to properly support the weight of your concrete slabs. Over enough time, concrete can erode due to the moisture presence.
  • Pest attraction: Standing water is also a breeding ground for several types of pests. Termites, mosquitoes and several other pest types are drawn to water sources, particularly those that do not move. Removing the water that’s present will remove one of their primary attractions in the area.

How Concrete Leveling Helps

If you have a section of your driveway, sidewalk, deck, patio, pool or any other concrete area that continues to attract standing water, this is often due to the development of improper sloping or water flow over time. Often, the primary cause of this development is concrete that’s become sunken in over certain areas.

Concrete lifting and leveling services will address these issues and several others that may result from this concern. They’ll fully even out the surface and allow it to direct water properly.

For more on how concrete lifting and leveling can help with standing water concerns, or to learn about any of our concrete repair services, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.