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How Long Does a Concrete Lifting Appointment Take?

Concrete lifting restores your pavement back to its former glory. However, like many good things, it takes time, especially if you have extensive work that needs to be done.

The length of the appointment also depends on the type of appointment as well. When the contractor comes for the first visit. They’ll do a full analysis of your pavement, and go over the details with you. This will take around 30 minutes to an hour.


During this visit, you should take the time to ask your contractor all of your questions. It’s not uncommon either to receive a proposal during this appointment that includes the length of time needed for the project.

The Concrete Lifting Appointment

The actual appointment for the concrete lifting usually takes less than a day. If you have extensive damage and concrete, that timeline may change though.

The appointment will start with the contractor going over the job and explaining the areas that need to be fixed. For the next couple of hours, you can relax inside or out. Either way, your contractor will be hard at work lifting your pavement and re-leveling it the right way.

Normal areas are finished in a few hours. However, once the concrete has been lifted you should avoid driving on it for an additional four to six hours.

Waiting for this length of time ensures that the concrete will set correctly, and will help you avoid any future problems as well. You can, however, walk on the concrete as soon as the appointment is finished.

What Happens During an Appointment

What is it that makes concrete lifting appointments take so long? Each step needs to be conducted with careful consideration. Unfortunately, your contractor can’t just speed it up.

First, the contractor will drill holes into the pavement. From there, a hydraulic pump is attached to the hole. This machine pushes concrete grout underneath the pavement.

Where there was uneven soil and air passages, will now be a solid foundation. As more grout fills up underneath the concrete, the higher the slab will rise, until it’s level with its surround pavement pieces.

At the this point the contractor will fill up the holes and clean the area. Before you know it, you’ll have even, fresh-looking pavement.

If you are planning on replacing the concrete altogether, that job will be a lot more expensive and time consuming. When possible, the better option is concrete lifting.

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If you’re tired of tripping over uneven ledges and sunken slabs, concrete lifting is the right step for you. Concrete lifting restores your concrete to how it was when it was first installed.

It’s a cost-effective option that will last as long as your concrete does. Call us at Lift Up Concrete to schedule a free consultation today!