Concrete Lifting Cost

How Much Does Concrete Lifting Cost? 

Estimating concrete lifting costs is one of the most important parts of this repair job. While technicians can never fully understand the extent of the job before beginning work, we can use our many years of experience to gauge the scope of the project and give you the most accurate price range possible.

Concrete Lifting Cost

What goes into our estimate? Below are a few questions we ask as we conduct our assessment.

How Big Is the Surface?

The size of the slab you need to be repaired is one of the main factors that determine price because it determines material and labor costs. It also affects our technique. We may need to drill many more holes for a large driveway than if we are simply raising a small patio or staircase.

How Dramatic Is the Damage?

The extent of the damage will also play a role in factoring the cost. For example, a small crack and a slight dip in a walkway is minor compared to a steep recession in a pool deck. If the issue will require major repairs, more material is needed and the costs rise. Also, extensive damage could mean additional hours on the job.

How Long Will it Take?

In general, concrete lifting projects are usually completed in a couple of hours. At most, they take one day. Still, for major repairs or complications that come up along the way, more labor hours mean a higher cost for you. We do our best to clearly estimate the number of hours it will take to complete the work.

Don’t Replace if You Don’t Have To

One way to determine the return on investment for concrete lifting costs is to also estimate how much it would take financially to rip out and replace the slab. When compared with the typically minor concrete lifting costs, the two options present a clear conclusion for homeowners who would rather be proactive and save money, versus being forced to react once the slab declines even more significantly.

Lift-Up Concrete offers free, transparent estimates on all concrete lifting costs before we begin work, so our customers know how much they need to budget. We want to make concrete repair as affordable and fast as possible — that’s our commitment to you.

Call us today to set up a time for us to come to your property and review the damage. When we’re able to see the problem close up, we can give you the most accurate estimate for concrete lifting costs. We also may be able to complete the repair on the spot, giving you the fast fix you’re looking for. Trust Lift-Up Concrete — we’re on your side.