distinctions between patios decks

Important Distinctions Between Patios and Decks

At Lift-Up Concrete, the quality and safety of your concrete is our top priority. No matter what kind of property you own or which concrete surfaces you have present, we can provide lifting and leveling for areas ranging from driveways and garage floors to porches, steps and many others.

One of our most common services requested is for patio lifting and leveling. In some cases, the term “patio” is used interchangeably with the term “deck” – in truth, however, these are not the same thing, and they may come with very different benefits and drawbacks. And while we’ll always check to confirm which you mean before starting any leveling job you require, here are a few basics to help you understand these differences and potentially choose between a deck or a patio for your new home.

Basic Definitions

Generally speaking, patios are defined as outdoor spaces that are found directly on the ground level. Many patios are directly connected to the home itself, but this is not necessarily a requirement – patios may also sit disconnected from the house, a theme that’s actually become more popular in recent years for certain property types. Patios will generally come with concrete bases, though they can also be constructed from brick, stone or even pavers in some cases. The modern patio is a versatile space, one that often holds a social area like a grill, fire pit or something similar.

A deck, meanwhile, is a structure built near the ground but not directly on it. Decks will instead be built on a support structure of some kind, and may even sit on second stories in many cases. Decks are often enclosed with a railing of some sort.

Maintenance Concerns

If the only factor at play for you here is which will last longer, a patio is the way to go over a deck. Patios will last longer as long as they are properly installed, especially if they’re concrete and receive services like our leveling when needed. They also require limited maintenance – nothing but a basic re-sealing every few years is needed, and most patios will last decades.

Decks may vary a bit more in terms of maintenance depending on their outward-facing material – wood options may require more maintenance and may wear down faster.

Cost and Resale Value

Another benefit of patios is the fact that they generally cost less than decks, in large part because they require no support structure. Decks tend to average above $30 per square foot to construct, while patios only cost around $15 per square foot.

However, another important factor to consider is long-term ROI and resale value. Decks have a sky-high resale value on today’s market, higher than any indoor renovation on average in fact. Patios may not come with the same level of return on investment, which is something to consider when choosing between them.

For more on the differences between decks and patios, or to learn about any of our concrete lifting and leveling services, speak to the pros at Lift-Up Concrete today.