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Is Concrete Leveling a Good Idea? Info for Utah Homeowners

Maybe you’ve noticed cracks in the walkways and sidewalks surrounding your Utah home. Or perhaps your porch steps have sunk a few inches. In any case, concrete leveling is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Also referred to as concrete lifting, slab leveling or mudjacking, concrete leveling is a method of repair for settled slabs. The process involves drilling small holes to reach the soil voids under the concrete and using a hydraulic pump to fill those voids with a cement slurry mixture. Pressure lifts the slab back to its original even position, then the cracks and drilled holes are caulked. That’s really all there is to leveling concrete – but is the repair right for your damaged slab?

Concrete lifting is an excellent option for Utah homeowners, but it isn’t the only option. Before committing to having your settled slab professionally leveled, read the following to get the information you need.

Why Bother Repairing Settled Concrete?

We get it – repairing the settled slabs around your Utah home doesn’t seem all that important. If you’re like most people, the project probably isn’t one of your top priorities. However, scheduling concrete leveling soon is in your best interests.

Cracked and sunken slabs are trip hazards. Utah homeowners have a responsibility to keep their properties safe, and ignoring settled concrete opens up the possibility of a premises liability lawsuit. If you hold off on addressing the issue and someone gets hurt, you may end up paying a rather high price.

In addition, concrete settlement can create problems around your property. Left unaddressed, affected slabs can cause rain and melting snow to flow in the wrong direction. If there’s any water runoff along the foundation, it can settle, pulling away from the house structure. As that happens, cracks may develop in the walls of your home and the doors and windows may begin to stick. Foundation settlement isn’t an issue that can be resolved with concrete leveling, and the fix is quite costly. However, if you go ahead and repair your settled slabs now, eliminating your drainage issues, you can preserve the foundation of your Utah home.

Also, we have to ask – are you planning to live in your current home forever? If not, concrete repair may be a must at some point. Home buyers are put off by settled slabs, as they can be a sign of foundation damage. And even if that isn’t the case, people may see your cracked and sunken concrete as a sign that you haven’t taken care of the property. At any rate, your Utah home could sit on the market for quite some time if you don’t address the problem.

Advantages of Concrete Leveling

Now that you’re clear on the reasons to move forward with concrete repair, you need a solution. When faced with cracked or sunken slabs, homeowners in Utah and across the country depend on concrete leveling to eliminate the problem. Take a look at the upsides, and you’ll understand why.


One of the most impressive benefits of concrete leveling is the cost. As long as a slab isn’t badly crumbled or severely riddled with cracks, it can likely be mudjacked for far less than any other repair solution would cost.


Most residential concrete leveling projects are completed in less than a day – and there’s no waiting for the slab to cure. The surface can handle foot traffic right away, and a few hours later, it can support much heavier weight.


Matching a new slab to the surrounding concrete is nearly impossible. With slab leveling, this isn’t a concern – the surface remains the same, and the caulk used is closely color-matched to the concrete, making the repair almost invisible.


The process of concrete leveling is minimally invasive, and professional contractors make every effort to preserve the landscape while completing the work. Homeowners who go with a different solution are often forced to deal with damaged yards.

Other Options for Settled Concrete Slabs

While concrete leveling is typically the best fix for settled slabs, Utah homeowners do have other options. If you have cracked or sunken concrete anywhere on your property, you could choose any of these game plans:

Leave the Slab Alone

Waiting awhile might be okay if the damage isn’t too severe, but you shouldn’t put off the repair for too long. As we said above, settled slabs can lead to costly foundation problems. And, of course, you could be sued if someone is injured while on your property. In the long run, doing nothing could cost you.

Replace the Concrete

Tearing out and replacing the concrete will solve your problem, but going this route comes with significant drawbacks. The cost is typically two to three times higher than that for concrete leveling, and you can expect the work to disrupt the surrounding landscape. Plus, the slab will be unusable for a couple of weeks.

Go for Foamjacking

Similar process to mudjacking, foamjacking is effective — but not nearly as budget-friendly. What’s more, the polyurethane foam used contains flammable chemicals, while the slurry used for traditional concrete leveling is organic. The foam sets much faster, too, and if it hardens before the soil voids are filled, slab stability can be affected.

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