Winter Concrete Repair

Is Winter Concrete Repair Possible?

Maybe you think winter concrete repair isn’t an option. Meanwhile, the season continues to take a toll on your driveway, walkway and patio. As your concrete sinks lower, so do your hopes for even, presentable surfaces. Your curb appeal and your spirits take a hit. But what if you could get it repaired right now? Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Moisture Can Quickly Freeze

The main challenge concrete repair teams face is temperatures below freezing. Water is a component in the material formulated to pump beneath sinking concrete slabs. Once the material is injected beneath the surface, it has to cure in order to remain stable for a long time. If it freezes too quickly, it puts internal pressure on the grout and weakens it, threatening the stability of the repair.

Is the Ground Frozen?

Also, if the ground is frozen, it’s more likely for the concrete to stick to the soil. This means that when we begin injecting the grout beneath the sinking area of the slab, the concrete may break apart rather than raise like we intend it to. It’s better to wait until the ground thaws to reduce the risk of this happening.

Our Step-by-Step Process

So if outdoor temperatures fall below freezing and the ground is frozen too, how can we execute winter concrete repair? Well, honestly, we can’t until the weather warms a bit. However, you can contact us for winter concrete repair, and we will watch the temperatures and come out to complete the project as soon as we believe it is safe and effective to do so.

But there are many other steps in the concrete repair process we can take care of in advance. We can estimate the labor and materials it will take to restore your concrete to its previous level state. We can put together a complete, transparent, itemized quote for you to review. And when the temperature begins to cooperate, we can get you on our schedule for repair!

When You Need Answers

Call Lift-Up Concrete when you’re assessing the condition of your concrete and weighing the pros and cons of mudjacking versus replacing the entire slab. Also, give us a call if you’re interested in finding out whether winter concrete repair is possible given the temperature in the region.

We don’t make promises we don’t keep! When you need to find a trusted contractor you can depend on for winter concrete repair, look to Lift-Up Concrete.