Patio Concrete Lifting

One-Day Concrete Repair Can Make All the Difference

Slabjacking is a one-day concrete repair solution that can seriously speed up your renovation timeline and get your house ready for guests or prospective buyers — fast. One of the biggest advantages you’ll find with concrete lifting as compared to other repair options, such as a tear-out and replacement, is the speed at which the job is completed. Better yet, the concrete is fully stabilized and ready for use just hours later.


Below are four scenarios in which you should choose one-day concrete repair over other options.

Before Your Pool Party (Or Any Party!)

Concrete lifting of a pool deck is fast and efficient. We drill the necessary holes, inject a grout beneath the surface into the void, and the pool deck is back to its previous, even level immediately.

When you’re gearing up for a pool party, this can be the exact solution you’re looking for. You don’t have the time or the money to re-pour your concrete pool surround at the last minute. Lifting is a one-day concrete repair that works.

It’s not just for a pool deck either. Your patio or any other concrete area is a candidate as well.

Before You List Your Home

When you decide to list your home for sale, the pressure is on for you to take care of that maintenance and repair list. Your realtor might have pointed out that your driveway or walkway isn’t looking its best. There’s a quick way you can handle that: one-day concrete repair.

Call our team in to take care of any issues that threaten your curb appeal before your open house!

When There’s a Risk of Injury

Your homeowner’s policy is there to protect you from lawsuits filed by anyone who might be injured on your property. But if they can prove negligence on your part, you might have a problem on your hands.

Talk to your insurance agent if you’re concerned about your coverage. But better yet, talk to us about ways we can reduce injury risk by evening out the walkways and driveways your guests (or the mail carrier) walk on every day! Get a fast solution with an instant repair.

When it’s Holding up Construction

What if you want to build a garage on your concrete driveway, but it’s not as level as it needs to be? You don’t have to pour a new driveway and wait for it to cure — you can just repair the one you have with a fast fix from Lift-Up Concrete.

Ready to resolve your sinking, cracked concrete issues? Your one-day concrete repair is just a call away. Get Lift-Up Concrete on the job!