concrete repair Ogden, Utah

Problems a Qualified Ogden Concrete Repair Contractor Can Solve

Why would you need to contact an Ogden concrete repair contractor?

The climate in northern Utah is no friend to the concrete on your property, and the composition of the soil here makes the ground underneath subject to the development of large voids. Cracking, settlement and unevenness in a slab are signs that this has occurred – and calling an experienced local concrete repair contractor can help you avoid the following issues.

Water Drainage Problems

Concrete that is cracked and settled can create drainage issues around your Ogden home.

When a slab is damaged, rain and melting snow can easily flow in the wrong direction, leaving you with pools of water. Fail to address the problem, and you might end up with foundation damage. That’s costly to repair, yet without a fix, the structural integrity of your home could be affected.

Get in touch with a professional concrete repair contractor, and you can avoid that outcome. Mudjacking is a simple, inexpensive technique that can restore a slab to its original even and stable position.

Property Hazard Concerns

If you know that your Ogden property has cracked, uneven concrete, you could be named in a premises liability lawsuit.

Anyone who walks across a damaged slab could fall and suffer a serious injury. If that happens to a friend or family member visiting your home, heading to court likely isn’t a worry. But if a neighbor, UPS driver or food deliverer is injured, you could be sued – and you may be held financially responsible for their medical costs and lost income.

Call an experienced concrete repair contractor as soon as you spot a slab with damage, and that won’t be a concern. Mudjacking can eliminate the trip-and-fall hazard, and by doing so, keep you from falling into a lawsuit.

Issues with Unsightly Concrete

Cracked and settled slabs are eyesores — and while that might not bother you now, your opinion may change at some point.

Why might you suddenly care about your unattractive concrete? In the event you decide to sell your home, potential buyers may see the damage and reject your property. Cracking and settlement can be signs of foundation problems, and those are rather expensive to resolve.

Get concrete repair now, before the damage grows extensive, and you can expect the project to be affordable. Mudjacking is the cheapest method of lifting a slab and restoring its integrity, and the results typically last for at least 8 to 10 years.

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Do you have cracked, sunken or settled concrete at your Ogden home? Lift-Up Concrete is the company to call.

As a leading northern Utah concrete repair contractor, our professional team has the knowledge, skill and expertise to recommend the right fix. Often, that’s mudjacking, but if your damaged slab requires a different solution, we’ll let you know – and we’ll suggest the easiest, most affordable option.

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