purchasing home concrete foundation issues

Purchasing a Home With Concrete Foundation Issues

If you’re buying a home, there are numerous physical and structural factors you’ll have to consider when it comes to determining if you’re getting a good deal and paying an appropriate price. Everything from outside structures and landscaping to areas like pluming, electrical and air needs are those you should be keeping in mind.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’re here to tell you about another vital factor to consider when purchasing a new home: The foundation quality. Some of our most valuable concrete lifting and leveling services are applied to home foundations that are experiencing cracks, leaks or other damage, but without our services, these concerns could lead to major structural issues with the home.

So what if a home you’re considering purchasing has foundation issues? Here are some areas to think about before making a decision in either direction.

Are You Prepared?

Just like any other major structural issue, it’s never a good idea to purchase a home with foundation concerns unless you understand the precise scope of those issues and what they might mean. Concrete foundation issues can be stressful and require the right expertise, but they’re not impossible to fix and don’t necessarily have to torpedo your purchase if all the numbers are in the right places. Our next several sections will look at some of the most important areas to ensure you don’t turn a good home deal into a bad one by making the wrong decision on your foundation.

Professional Inspection

For starters, if there’s even a small question about foundation quality, you should involve our professionals. We’re happy to provide free estimates on what a given repair will cost, important information for helping you determine whether this additional expense on top of the home purchase price makes for a worthwhile investment.

In addition, this kind of inspection generally provides great future value. Not only can we tell you how much a given repair will cost, we can also point out signs of long-term issues that may crop up, preventing you from dealing with them later on.

Property Value

Once you have an idea of what the cost of repairs will be, you can assess whether the home purchase is worth it. You can evaluate the housing market in your area, plus look at factors like whether you plan to eventually sell the home, rent it out, or simply retain it.

Timing Concerns

It’s also important to keep track of timing when it comes to foundation repair. During our estimate, we can tell you whether the need for repair is immediate or might be reasonably delayed a few years – this can heavily impact your finances and move-in process in many cases.

For more on identifying foundation issues and assessing them in a home you might purchase, or to learn about any of our concrete lifting and leveling services, speak to the pros at Lift-Up Concrete today.