record straight concrete leveling

Setting the Record Straight on Concrete Leveling

Like many other elements of home repair, concrete leveling and other foundation projects have become associated with a number of significant misconceptions over the years. Not every pro in the industry does great work, and sometimes the negatives from inexperienced contractors become reputations that spread far and wide in the field, even to the point where some people consider them to be facts.

At Lift-Up Concrete Lifting LLC, we’re here to help dispel these unfortunate misconceptions as we provide high-quality commercial and residential concrete raising and leveling services. Despite what you may have heard from a talkative neighbor, here are some realities about concrete repair services that help debunk the disinformation.

Time and Expense Myths

The first and most common misconception regarding our services is how long they will take. Some assume they’re a weeks-long project that will render your driveway or other surfaces completely unusable during the work.

But with a high-quality company like us, this simply isn’t the case. We’ll give you an early estimate of how long your project will take, an estimate that’s often well under a single day. Only projects that truly require it will take multiple days, and these are the kinds that are preventing far more expensive fixes later on.

Down similar lines, the costs of our services are often highly overstated. For starters, costs here aren’t stagnant – they can vary widely based on your exact needs. But because we use modern techniques that don’t require us to remove and haul away concrete for every small job, we can keep the cost low and affordable for you.


Perhaps the biggest single mistake when it comes to concrete surfaces of any kind is assuming you can hold off on fixes to small issues. They’re not that bad, you might be thinking, and you can put them off with other things on your mind.

Unfortunately, this often leads to far more expensive issues down the line. Concrete cracks or foundation issues aren’t to fix themselves, and will only get worse. Taking the time to repair them now could save you a much bigger project and cost later.

Just Fill the Cracks

If cracks are truly your only issue, filling them with epoxy may get the job done. But in many cases, cracks are just one symptom of an underlying foundational issue, and just filling them with no attention to the larger problem will only put a Band-Aid on a big wound.

All Contractors Are the Same

We’d love to tell you that every contractor in our field is highly reputable and legitimate, but unfortunately this just isn’t true. Like in any industry, there are a combination of scammers and simply inexperienced contractors out there who won’t provide you with high-quality work at all. Don’t simply assume every contractor is the same – do your research and go with a quality company like ours for all concrete services.

Buying a Home With Foundation Issues

There’s a common myth in the real estate world that you should never buy a home with foundation issues or damage. And while it’s certainly important to assess these issues before making a purchase, it’s okay to purchase such a home as long as you have a plan for addressing these issues. In fact, some buyers are able to get a great deal by purchasing homes with foundational issues for a significant discount – one that’s far more than what they actually have to pay us for foundation repair services.

For more on dispelling disinformation on concrete services, or to learn about any of our concrete leveling solutions, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.