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Slabjacking Can Fix These Unexpected Areas

Concrete lifting, popularly known as slabjacking, isn’t a new concrete repair method; it’s been
widely used for years. But with modern tools and advanced grout mixtures, it’s now more
effective than ever.


You may be surprised to learn just how effective slabjacking can be in areas you thought were
damaged beyond repair. Don’t write off your sinking concrete just yet — there may be hope in the cost-effective, speedy repair solution known as slabjacking.

The following four areas can benefit from professional slabjacking:

1.Your Business Parking Lot

Sure, slabjacking can raise your sidewalk or a sunken portion of your driveway, but what
about the uneven areas in your company’s parking lot?

When concrete parking lots sink, business owners worry about how it looks and how it could
affect their customers and employees. A commercial property that appears to need
maintenance doesn’t contribute positively to your business’ reputation. Also, trip-and-fall
injuries are a real threat, and evening out your concrete could reduce this risk.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter how big your parking lot may be — slabjacking has the
power to handle large areas.

2.Your Tilting Porch

Do you have a porch that’s tilting away from your home?

The cause may be shifting concrete footings. Soil erosion and settlement can compromise the
stability of your porch’s concrete footings, but slabjacking can help move them back into their
original position and guard against further movement.

You will be free to safely enjoy backyard barbecues on your deck once again!

3.Your Sinking Basement Floor

Slabjacking works inside your home as well as outside. When your basement floor cracks and
one half begins to sink, your first instinct is to hire an expensive foundation repair company.

You should definitely have the problem inspected by a foundational engineer, but don’t
discount slabjacking as a potential repair option. Strategic concrete lifting targeted to
problematic areas could put a stop to the problem, as long as the root cause of the foundation
trouble, such as soil erosion, is addressed as well.

4.Your Cracking Pool Deck

Your backyard pool is a gathering place for neighbors, family and friends in the hot, dry
summer months. You want it to look inviting and you want your pool area to be a safe
environment where everyone can cool off.

What do you do when a section of your concrete pool deck starts to sink? Not only does it
look unsightly and create a trip hazard, it could also damage your pool’s liner — that’s an
expensive fix.

Slabjacking can stabilize a shifting pool deck and make those cracks disappear, and all for a
small fraction of the price of complete pool deck replacement.

Want to learn more about how slabjacking can help restore your home or business property? Call Lift-Up Concrete today to get a free quote for your project.