SLC pool concrete issues

SLC Pool Concrete Issues: Locations and Importance

There are a few concrete areas where care takes on added importance during particular seasons of the year, and a good example here – especially for those in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah, where the climate varies significantly through the year – is a pool deck or related area. Outdoor pools get far more usage in the spring and summer than they do in the colder parts of the year, and this means that any concrete surfaces near or surrounding your pool should also be kept in good quality at these times.

At Lift-Up Concrete Lifting LLC, we’re here to help. We offer numerous residential concrete lifting and leveling services, from common areas like driveways and garage floors to distinct ones like walkways, patios, decks and even the concrete near your pool setup. What are some of the pool areas that may experience concrete issues, why is it important to remedy these concerns, and what are some of the areas where concrete lifting and leveling will add value if you’re going this route? Here are several themes to consider.

Pool Deck

In some cases, the issues with concrete will be taking place on the pool deck itself, in which case one of the largest concerns is tripping and falling danger. If there are gaps or cracks in concrete surfaces, these may expose the soil below and cause even further destabilization.

In turn, this can lead to pop-ups across the surface of the deck. Not only is this a safety issue for anyone using the concrete, it’s a major aesthetic stinker that will only get worse over time.

Pool Foundation

In other cases, it will be the actual foundation of your pool that is sinking or causing concrete issues. Between the water involved and several other factors, the soil underneath a given pool has lots of weight placed on it over the course of a year.

In some situations, this water may penetrate the soil, causing settlement and possibly sinking. One side of the pool might sink while the other sits evenly, which presents major cracking and other damage risks. These also often give way to sealing or leaking concerns – and again, these problems only get worse with time.

Value of Remediation

There are multiple areas where attending to concrete damage near pool surfaces is important:

  • Safety: Whether it’s just you and your kids or others in the neighborhood, damaged concrete is often a tripping or slipping hazard.
  • Aesthetics: Many of the worst kinds of pool concrete damage look really bad.
  • Property value: Due to both of the above plus practical use themes, damaged concrete surfaces will be noted during any property inspection and will limit your property value.

Lift Up Concrete staff

For more on concrete damage in your pool area and why it’s so important to attend to this spring, or to learn about any of our concrete repair services in Salt Lake City, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete Lifting LLC today.