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Sunken Patio: Repair Beats Replacement

There are a number of issues that can affect the handy DIY homeowner, and a sunken patio is among the more major ones. Problematic for both practical and visual reasons, sunken patios can be major hassles and cost a significant amount to get cleaned up.

At Lift-Up Concrete Lifting LLC, though, we’re here to help through our concrete lifting and leveling services. We can help with even the worst sunken patios, those with exposed foundation or other major structural issues. Here are some basics on the dangers of a sunken patio, plus why it generally makes far more sense to repair it using a service like concrete leveling rather then replacing the entire patio.

Sunken Patios and Safety Hazards

Sunken patios are an eyesore and not something any homeowner wants seen, but this is a relatively minor issue compared to the safety concerns they can pose. Particularly in homes that have any children or pets, but even in those that don’t, sunken patios can be major hazards in some of the most common walking areas out there.

Exposed wood can lead to splinters and similar issues, presenting safety issues. And in the worst cases, long enough exposure may lead to moisture coming into contact with wood and causing mold or mildew formation, which can be harmful for personal health.

Why Repair Beats Replacement

If you’re dealing with a sunken patio, you should be doing everything in your power to attempt to repair it rather than replace it entirely. Costs are far greater for a full-on patio replacement, often up to double the cost of simply using leveling or raising to repair.

Here are a few benefits of repairing the sunken concrete patio instead of replacing it:

  • Saves time: Using a technique like concrete leveling, which pumps material in from the bottom up, allows you to walk in your cement right away after the procedure is done. Other processes, such as mudjacking, leave wet concrete that can’t be contacted for days after the project is done.

  • Saves money: As we noted above, repairing concrete is much cheaper than replacing it.

  • Helps with water damage and sealing: The foam used in our concrete leveling is water-tight, meaning no further water damage can take place to any exposed areas.

  • Less intrusive: Unlike other processes that take a lot of time and force you to alter a bunch of your daily routines, raising your concrete is not intrusive. We drill holes the size of a dime, meaning you’ll never even notice we were there. We’ll also then match your concrete with what we put in the hole, plus won’t bother you with loud jackhammers or other noises.

How We Can Help

If you’re dealing with a sunken concrete patio, call the pros at Lift-Up Concrete Lifting LLC today to learn about whether leveling is the right choice for you. Contact us today.