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Value of Concrete Lifting and Leveling for Apartment Complexes

When most people think about or are introduced to concrete lifting and leveling services, they naturally think first about a traditional home property. A standard home contains several major concrete elements, from driveways and walkways to garage floors, patios and several other potential surfaces.

At Lift-Up Concrete, not only are we also here to offer commercial and municipal concrete lifting and leveling services, we’re here to tell you about an extended area of our residential services: Apartment complexes. If you’re the owner or manager of an apartment complex, utilizing our services to repair any concrete hazards that have formed on your property can have several major benefits to your bottom line. Here are some areas where we’ll assist you.

ADA Compliance

One area we assist many of our clients with is complying with ADA standards for concrete surfaces. Short for Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA involves several requirements for vertical changes or potential hazards on your property. Some property owners may be outside compliance without even knowing it, in fact, particularly in larger apartment complexes.

In fact, did you realize that a vertical change of greater than a quarter inch on concrete surfaces is considered a tripping hazard under ADA guidelines? Luckily, our concrete leveling pros can quickly correct any hazards or uneven surfaces that arise.

Preventive Maintenance

In addition to complying with federal guidelines, concrete lifting and leveling services for apartment complexes helps ward off several potential future issues. Not only do these services leave your concrete areas in great shape, they also assess concerns that reach down to the soil below the concrete itself, which often becomes unstable and causes the issues you’re repairing to begin with.

When we come to the property to perform repairs, they impact the soil as well as the concrete. Stabilizing this soil has several benefits even beyond simply supporting the concrete, including water flow and others.

Safety Enhancements

Another preventive area concrete leveling assists with: Preventing safety hazards you might be liable for on the property. Anyone who slips, falls or sustains other injury due to improperly-maintained concrete surfaces within the apartment complex boundaries could have a claim against you if the conditions were preventable, including if standing water due to uneven surfaces covers up hazards and causes someone to interact with them.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Finally, applying proper concrete lifting and leveling services to your apartment complex will improve the look and feel of the property. Potential new residents who walk by your pool, for instance, will see smooth deck surfaces and an inviting area. Those who tour the area and see sunken concrete, cracked slabs and tripping hazards, however, will likely look elsewhere.

For more on how concrete lifting and leveling services can benefit apartment complexes, or for information on any of our concrete repair services, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.