uses concrete leveling services

Varying Uses for Concrete Leveling Services

For many who haven’t had a chance to take advantage of them yet, concrete leveling services may seem like a fairly narrow area. They’re only used for garage floors, some may think, or only needed when you’re getting a brand new driveway every couple decades or so.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’re here to tell you that our commercial and residential concrete leveling services cover far more than just these areas. While areas like driveways and garage floors are indeed covered by our services, these also extend to several other areas of home life and property value that you may not have considered. Here are some additional areas where concrete leveling can be beneficial to you.

Remodeling Options

Whether to increase your home’s value, some part of its aesthetic appeal or both, a home remodel is a great chance to highlight different features of the home. Concrete contractors can help with a couple significant upgrades:

  • Porch or patio: The porch will be one of the first things guests notice about your home, and we can help with either installing a new one or adding on to an old one. If your patio is experiencing sinking issues, as can happen at times, we can assist you with leveling it and firming up its foundation.
  • Pool deck: Remodels are often made with long-term property values at the top of the priority list, and a pool is one of the single best returns on investment here. Installing or redoing your pool deck is a great way to complement the overall pool ambiance, plus allows for easier gathering and movement in the area.

Curb Appeal Areas

We’ve talked about property value a lot here, and one of the most important factors in it is something called “curb appeal.” This is a real estate term that refers to the outsized importance buyers tend to place on their first visual impressions of a property – the very first things they see, that is.

And when it comes to your home or business, multiple concrete areas are among the biggest hot spots for curb appeal. The driveway is not only a vital practical area for any home, it’s also one of the first a buyer will look to; if they see cracks and uneven surfaces, they’ll be unimpressed and worry about the dangers those pose. The same goes for sidewalks, which buyers worry will trip their children or provide other dangers. Leveling and otherwise repairing these surfaces will improve your home’s practical value in real ways.

Foundation Maintenance

Finally, certain concrete areas like the basement floor are big indicators of building foundation issues. In many cases, leveling and repairing these surfaces helps maintain your foundation for years into the future, avoiding some of the costliest repairs you may have to deal with as a home or business owner.

For more on alternative areas concrete leveling can help with, or to learn about any of our leveling or raising services, speak to the pros at Lift-Up Concrete today.