concrete pool deck

3 Reasons to Repair Your Concrete Pool Deck Before Summer

Your concrete pool deck needs a face-lift, and sooner rather than later.

Builders use concrete for pool decks because it’s a resilient, long-lasting material. But even concrete needs maintenance, and it might be time to give your pool deck a little TLC.

What’s Wrong with It?

The most common reason a concrete pool deck needs repair is because of settling. The contractor that installed your pool hopefully compacted the soil before pouring the concrete, but even properly prepared soil sinks over time, as air pockets can form and then cave in. In fact, it can take up to 10 years for concrete to settle completely.

Damage from concrete settlement can include a surface that slopes steeply away from the edge of the pool. One section of slab could settle more than another, creating a trip hazard. Cracks could appear and spread, and may be the first sign of structural instability beneath the slab.

Why Worry?

Is a damaged pool deck really that big of a deal? In some instances, yes. Concrete pool deck repair can bring you peace of mind and several areas.

1. Your Family and Guests Are Protected from Injury

When kids and adults are playing in the pool, they’re not thinking about how to protect themselves — they’re just having fun. They may not notice the trip hazards around the edge of the pool, so serious injuries are a real risk.

By repairing the issues before you even open your pool for the summer, you’re doing everything in your power to keep your loved ones safe from bumps, bruises or worse.

2. You Won’t Worry About Liability

Obviously, you don’t want anyone injured while spending time on your property, because you care about them. But beyond that, you’ll have to bear financial responsibility if an injury occurs. Homeowner’s insurance provides liability for injuries that occur on your property, but the situation could become more complex if it’s proven you were negligent in any way.

The easiest way to protect yourself is to simply make the necessary concrete repairs in advance, then you’re covered.

3. Your Pool Area Will Look Amazing

Finally, remember that although looks don’t always matter, but they do when it comes to your pool area! You want your guests to be impressed — you don’t want it to look like you don’t take care of your property. The best way to improve appearances is to fix the cracks and settling so your concrete pool deck looks as good as new.

How Else Can You Maintain It?

Keep your concrete pool deck looking beautiful by power washing it before your first official pool party. You may also want to seal it to protect it from grime and algae buildup. Contact Lift-Up Concrete if you are looking for concrete lifting of any kind, especially when it comes to your pool deck. We are here to help.