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In 4 Steps, Slabjacking Makes Concrete as Good as New

Slabjacking: It’s a cost-effective way to fix that crack in your driveway or those sinking concrete steps.

What’s also great about slabjacking?

It’s fast. The entire process, from evaluation to completion, takes less than a day. And you can start walking, driving and even dancing on your concrete just hours after the job is done.

Interested in learning more? These are the four main slabjacking steps that make old, sinking concrete nice and even again.

1. Assess the Surface

Slabjacking isn’t for amateurs. Sure, you may be able to find the equipment online or in a hardware store, but the knowledge of how concrete responds is gained over time and the course of many successful repair jobs.

Hire a professional who will carefully examine the issues, find the source and plan a targeted repair approach. At this point, you get a free estimate to help you decide if you want to continue.

2. Drill Small Holes in Key Locations

The first step for the technician is to use a powerful drill to accurately position a few small holes in key areas of the concrete surface. These holes penetrate the slab, making a path for the incoming grout to flow and stabilize the structure.

3. Pump Specialized Mixture Underneath the Slab

Once the holes are drilled, a hydraulic pump transmits a special mixture through a nozzle positioned over the hole. This grout flows underneath the slab, lifting it back into place. Eventually, the grout will harden and provide a permanent fix.

4. Finish Filling Holes and Seal All Cracks

The fourth and final step involves refinishing the surface of the slab or structure. The holes and any cracks are filled. This is necessary both for cosmetic reasons and practical reasons.

Not only does it look better when cracks are filled, it also prevents further degradation. Repairing cracks ensures no water gets underneath the slab and further erodes the soil, which could potentially lead to more sinking. The surface is sealed and it is then ready for use within a couple of hours.

Lift-Up Concrete handles the slabjacking process with ease, whether you need repairs for your driveway, pool deck, staircase or sidewalks. Contact us today, and get the process started with a free estimate. Soon, your concrete won’t be an embarrassment, an eyesore or a liability. It will look as good as new.