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Can Mudjacking Really Restore Your Sunken Patio?

If you’re like many Ogden homeowners, you might not be all that familiar with mudjacking or concrete lifting – and it very well may be that first learned about the method of concrete repair when researching ways to fix your sunken patio.

In that case, you may have doubts about whether mudjacking actually works. The short answer is yes, and it’s the preferred repair solution for most damaged slabs. Read on, and you’ll see why professionals typically recommend mudjacking over slab replacement.

The Many Benefits of Mudjacking

Replacing the slab is an option for your sunken patio, and that may be necessary if the damage is severe. In most cases, however, mudjacking is a smarter approach for several reasons:

  • Price ­– Concrete lifting costs much less then slab replacement.
  • Time – Restoring a patio with mudjacking takes just an hour or two.
  • Usage – The slab doesn’t need to be cured, so it’s usable right away.
  • Results ­– With concrete lifting, the repair work is virtually invisible.

Also, slab replacement doesn’t solve the real problem. Soil voids are usually to blame for a sunken or settled patio – and pouring new concrete won’t eliminate the empty pockets of air in the soil. Go that route, and the slab will likely settle again in the future.

Why is Mudjacking Such an Inexpensive Method of Concrete Repair?

We’ve all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for” – and that alone may make you hesitant to consider concrete lifting. If mudjacking is so cheap, how could it possibly be the best repair option?

The simplicity of the repair is the reason. With slab replacement, the original patio needs to be torn out and hauled away. And after the form is built and new concrete is poured, the slab isn’t ready for use – curing can take a few weeks.

With concrete lifting, the process is quite a bit simpler. After drilling a few small holes in the slab, mudjacking contractors use a hydraulic pump to inject a cement slurry mixture into the soil underneath. Once the voids are filled, pressure lifts and restores the slab, and any cracks and holes can be easily sealed. Since the repair work is much less labor-intensive with mudjacking, the lower cost makes perfect sense.

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Concrete lifting is an effective and affordable fix for most sunken patios, but as any professional contractor will tell you, slab replacement is often a must for severely crumbled, crushed or cracked concrete.

However, you can get an expert opinion on concrete repair at no cost – just give the Lift-Up Concrete team a call. We offer free, no-obligation mudjacking consultations to Ogden homeowners, and we’d be happy to come out to discuss your project. For more information on mudjacking and to find out if it’s the right fix for your sunken patio, contact us today!