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Can the City Force You to Make Sidewalk Repairs?

Is sidewalk repair the responsibility of the nearest property owner, or is the city or town in charge of upkeep?

You might think there would be uniformity among Utah cities and towns regarding who is responsible for sidewalk repair, but the truth is that it can vary.

Towns like American Fork make it easier for homeowners by sharing the cost of sidewalk repair through their Safe Sidewalk Program, though cost-share projects are granted on a first-come, first-served basis until the budget runs out.

But in Salt Lake City, the law is different. The homeowner is solely responsible for all sidewalk repair for walkways directly adjacent to their property. You won’t get any financial help from the city.

Signs You Need Sidewalk Repair

Regardless of who pays for repairs, if someone is injured due to lack of maintenance or repairs on a sidewalk in front of your home, there is a chance you could be held liable. Your homeowner’s insurance might protect you, but it’s still a claim and potential lawsuit you’d probably rather avoid.

If your sidewalks are significantly cracked and sinking, they could present a trip hazard. Severe crumbling on the edges and steeply sloped grades are all indications that it’s time for repairs.

Why Concrete Lifting Is a Great Option

What does it take to fix your sidewalks? Don’t worry — ripping them out and re-pouring them should only be your last resort. Concrete lifting is faster, cheaper and it works.

Using specialized tools, we drill a small hole in the concrete and inject a stabilizing grout beneath the slab, raising it up to its previous height. Using grinding techniques, we can ensure your sidewalk span is level and smooth. No more trip hazards or cracks — your concrete will be patched, sealed and look as good as new.

Call Lift-Up for a Quote

When you need sidewalk repair done the easy way — through concrete lifting — use the company that makes it easy: Lift-Up Concrete. We provide free quotes for homeowners who need to address the sidewalk problems adjacent to their property, and we do it quickly. Know today what you’ll pay for a fast, effective repair. Call us now!