concrete defects

Can You Spot Concrete Defects Right After it’s Poured? 

Concrete defects mean trouble. If you notice a problem right after you’ve had a new structure poured, it’s worrisome.

Problematic Signs

What are some of the initial troubling signs your concrete installation contractor didn’t do the best job on the project?

  • No Control Joints

Control joints are impressions made in the concrete that are designed to control cracking. Cracks are inevitable — they’re a part of the natural contraction process after the material dries. Control joints ensure that concrete cracks the way you want it to, instead of the way it wants to. This prevents a spider web of cracks that could ultimately weaken the whole slab.

  • Immediate Cracking

Cracking should take place over time — instant cracking is an indication the surface was not compacted enough for the slab. You could eventually see even more cracking and sinking, which will lead to the need for repairs.

  • Water Pooling

Surfaces should be even. Any sloping you see should be intentional, to direct water into a drainage area. Pooling water on concrete only weakens the material over time.

Prevention: Find a Good Installation Contractor

The best way to make sure you don’t have any concrete defects is to depend on a reputable installation contractor from day one. Below are some of the signs you’ve found a good company.

  • Certifications and Licensing

They are forthcoming about their certifications and their license to work in the state or county. They can provide proof of both.

  • Insurance

They have adequate insurance to cover any issues that might come up during the project. Your property is protected and you’re protected from workers’ lawsuits.

  • Reviews

Their reputation for excellence precedes them! Ask for referrals from previous customers or check their online reviews.

  • Experience

They have many years of experience in the field, specifically with projects of your kind. You want an expert’s touch, not an amateur’s mistakes.

Too Late? Get Repairs Fast.

If your concrete has already been poured and you’ve noticed concrete defects that need to be addressed, don’t wait. Concrete issues don’t get better. When you spot the first problem, get a repair quote from our team.

Lifting Is Better Than Replacement

You just invested in a new concrete structure — do you really want to pay to tear out and replace the entire thing? If you’re like most financially savvy homeowners, the answer is no! Instead, pay for concrete lifting to even out and correct most concrete defects. Lift-Up Concrete can take care of it, and for substantially less than you’d pay for a replacement. Call today for your quote!