Driveway concrete repair

Driveway Concrete Repair Can Help with Water Drainage

Driveway concrete repair is more than a vanity measure — it can be one of the main ways to prevent flooding and foundation damage. If you research all the reasons homeowners make repairs to their house at any time, chances are the vast majority of problems are caused by water. Water is enemy No. 1.

If your water drainage system isn’t functioning properly and your driveway is broken and sinking, driveway concrete repair can help.

Driveway concrete repair

Settlement and Erosion — It’s a Bad Combination

It’s hard to say what came first — settlement around your home’s driveway and foundation or soil erosion. What you can say is that both issues are feeding off each other and contributing to the larger problem: too much water, not enough drainage.

It doesn’t matter how well the soil was compacted before your foundation and driveway were poured. There will always be a certain amount of settlement over time. If settlement is drastic enough, it can change water drainage patterns, which can subsequently affect the level of erosion that occurs around the driveway and foundation. As more soil is eroded, it causes more settlement.

It starts a vicious cycle that is never a good combination for homeowners. You may have water pooling around your foundation and on the edges of your concrete driveway which can eventually start to affect your driveway.

A Cracked, Sinking Driveway Only Makes it Worse

Once enough erosion and settlement have taken place underneath your driveway, the concrete is weakened. It doesn’t have the same support it used to, so it may crack and sink. In many cases, this cracking and sinking only make matters worse. It may direct the water where you don’t want it to go, and mess up drainage patterns even more. What’s the answer?

Why Slabjacking Is the Best Option

Driveway concrete repair can stabilize the slab before it gets any worse.

The slabjacking method involves pumping grout beneath the driveway, returning it to its previous normal level. It also eliminates voids under the surface where erosion is taking its toll. It makes settlement less of an issue. You can then adapt your water drainage system as needed, without any fear it’s going to keep harming your concrete.

Major Positive Side Effect? Enhanced Curb Appeal

When you invest in driveway concrete repair, your driveway will be flat and level again — no cracks or trip hazards. Boosting your curb appeal is a definite plus, and it’s usually the reason our clients call us at Lift-Up Concrete. We will give you a free quote for concrete repair when you call us today!