concrete lifting permit

Do You Need a Concrete Lifting Building Permit?

Under what circumstances is a concrete lifting building permit required?

You want to make repairs to your property as soon as possible, but you don’t want to violate local building code in the process. That will only mean more expenses and frustration for you in terms of citations and fees.

It’s smart to plan your concrete repair project ahead of time, and that includes researching the building code that applies to you, depending on the town you live in.

Making Repairs vs. Building a New Structure

In general, a homeowner or contractor who is building a new structure versus someone who is only making repairs to an existing structure is going to be subject to more code restrictions. For example, applying for a permit to build a shed will be much more involved applying for a concrete lifting building permit to repair a small section of your driveway, if it’s needed at all.

Structural vs. Nonstructural

Most homeowners assume that if a project involves altering a structure, a permit is needed. If the project involves repairing a nonstructural element, they can forego the permit application process.

While this perception is occasionally accurate, it’s better to assume that a permit is always necessary, because in many towns, the regulations are much stricter than you might think. For example, in Logan, Utah, replacing or changing existing stone, brick or concrete requires a permit.

On the other hand, in Orem, Utah, you can repair a concrete patio or porch without city approval, but only if it doesn’t have a roof.

Each municipality has its own building code, and though many regulations are the same, a concrete lifting building permit may be required in one town but not in a neighboring city.

Private vs. Public Property

If you want to repair a sunken sidewalk in front of your home, you will almost always have to apply for a permit. Sidewalks are built on public land, so you cannot repair any damage without city approval.

The Application Process

To apply for a building permit, contact your town’s zoning office. You will have to submit an application and pay the required fee up front. They may request additional information if you are using a contractor to complete the repair work, such as proof of the company’s certifications. Once your concrete lifting building permit is issued, work can begin.

Lift-Up Concrete is fully licensed and insured, ready to help with all types of concrete repair projects, from sidewalks to stairs. We will help you obtain the necessary concrete lifting building permit and complete the work on schedule.