Concrete Lifting: What Maintenance Is Required After?

After your concrete lifting company has done its job, are there any tasks you must do to keep your concrete in the best shape possible?

This is a question we’re asked frequently by many home and business owners during the concrete lifting process. While our team takes care of most of the job, there are a couple preventive maintenance tips that can help your concrete look and perform its best.

Concrete Lifting

Caulk the Cracks to Enhance Aesthetics

When concrete shifts downward, the surface of the slab cracks, leaving a jagged opening. When the sunken slab is lifted, the chasm is mended, since the concrete is now all on level footing. But that pesky crack is still there. What can you do?

Use caulk to seal the crack. It will look better, and all you need is a caulking gun and some heavy-duty, waterproof caulk, a scraper, some rubber gloves and sand. While there are plenty of online directions on how to seal concrete cracks, you don’t have to do it yourself if you’re not confident in your abilities — just ask us to take care of this for you as well.

Reseal the Surface

For concrete to look beautiful, it’s important to seal it regularly. Sealing the concrete will help decrease its permeability and improve its waterproof properties. Keep out moisture and help protect against cracks and chips with periodic sealing.

Get Rid of Pests

Are groundhogs burrowing underneath your driveway? Are critters making their homes underneath the slab? This isn’t ideal, as the less stable the surface becomes, the more prone it is to cracking and sinking. Call an exterminator and have these animals relocated to a new home.

Assess Your Landscaping Drainage

Another common reason concrete lifting is needed is because of poor landscaping drainage. When your gutters and downspouts are pointed at the corners of your driveway or patio, the stabilizing soil beneath the slab is washed away a little more with every rainstorm.

Assess your home’s water drainage system. Is it causing problems for your concrete? To avoid the need for additional concrete lifting, redirect and redesign your water drainage system as needed.

Is it a Long-Term Fix?

Concrete lifting can be a permanent solution if you take the time to correct the reasons it occurred in the first place. A little bit of settlement is normal over time, but it’s nothing concrete lifting can’t repair. Talk to our team today about your specific concrete issue and we will see what we can do to restore your surface to an even, level plane. That’s what we’re good at!