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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Concrete Lifting?

Is it true that homeowners insurance covers concrete lifting?

You can turn to your homeowners insurance for recourse for all types of property damage, but whether it will cover the necessary repairs to your concrete depends on a number of factors.

What do you need to know in order to find out the extent of your policy’s coverage?

Pre-Existing Conditions

When the insurer initially enters into an agreement with you regarding your home, they are assuming that it will stay in basically the same shape it was in at the time of the agreement. For example, a standard insurance policy doesn’t account for shifting soil or structural problems. Your home’s foundation and every concrete structure attached to it is presumed stable and solid.

If your concrete foundation or porch starts to sink, whether due to settling or improper installation, the insurer won’t cover the damage. It will be deemed a pre-existing condition if the problem is due to an installation failure. It may be specifically excluded in the case of a settling foundation.

Did You Add Earthquake Coverage?

The exception to this rule is if you added earthquake coverage to your policy. It’s a possibility that homeowners insurance covers concrete lifting as a repair measure if “movements of the earth” and its related damage is covered under your policy.

Unfortunately, unless you live in an area commonly affected by earthquakes, it would be unusual for you to add this type of coverage to your policy.

Exceptions in the Case of Storm-Related Damage

Another case where homeowners insurance covers concrete lifting could be if a storm damages the home’s concrete. Since homeowners insurance policies cover storm-related damage, sunken concrete could fall under this protection if you can prove that the storm directly caused the issue.

Every Policy Is Different

The first step you should take after discovering concrete damage is to contact your insurance company. Your agent will help you understand the details of your policy and take you through the claims process if you are eligible. Your coverage will depend on your location, property, lender and what you agreed to when the policy was initiated.

Concrete Lifting Is an Affordable Solution

What’s so great about concrete lifting?

When you compare it to the cost of replacing a structure as integral to your home as your driveway or patio, it’s an affordable alternative.

Homeowners insurance covers concrete lifting only in certain scenarios, but Lift-Up Concrete is there for you all the time. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote for projects of any size.