How Concrete Repair Can Help Limit Crawl Space Concerns

Concrete lifting and leveling services have several uses and benefits, and one is helping prevent or address foundation damage issues. Concrete foundations are susceptible to cracking, leaking and other damage just like other forms of concrete, and preventing this damage from impacting your home’s structural integrity is important.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’re proud to offer quality residential concrete lifting and leveling services for any area of your home. One important area here that unfortunately doesn’t tend to get enough attention from many homeowners: Crawl space, or an area of limited height under a floor or roof that’s generally used for access or other purposes. Crawl spaces often include concrete, and a failure to maintain this area can lead to damage that may impact your entire home’s foundation. Let’s look at some basic areas to consider here.

concrete repair crawl space concerns

Moisture Concerns

The crawl space is often a central area of the home’s foundational framing, helping tie together major structural areas. But if moisture is allowed to penetrate into this area, it can create numerous issues: Wood rotting, deteriorated framing areas, and also cracked or leaking concrete.

In addition, moisture creates significant safety issues. This is the case not only for anyone accessing the crawl space, but actually for anyone in the home – if the foundation is being immediately threatened by this kind of moisture, the safety of the entire structure is compromised. Luckily, proper concrete leveling and sealing will help prevent moisture from seeping into crawl space areas.

Dust, Mold and Mildew

Another potential risk in crawl spaces is dust, which can be harmful due to the toxins it can build up. Along with dust, you may also deal with the formation of mold or mildew, which are closely related to moisture formation in closed-off areas.

When these hazards are allowed to maintain unchecked, they can threaten the health of everyone in the home. Proper concrete sealing can prevent these contaminants from ever forming in the crawl space, however.

Pests and Repairs

Another unwelcome invader you might find in your crawl space if it’s not properly maintained and sealed? Pests. Many bugs make their homes specifically in cool, dark places, especially those with a little moisture present to sustain them. Waterproofing and sealing concrete can prevent the conditions from forming that will attract pests.

How We’ll Help

As we’ve noted throughout this blog, many of the above concerns can be prevented if the concrete and other foundational areas of your home and crawl space are properly sealed and maintained. If you notice issues with any such areas, contact our pros right away to learn what we can do for you.

For more on crawl space and foundation concerns, or to learn about any of our concrete lifting and leveling services, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.