Need Concrete Lifting? Shoveling Cracked Sidewalks Is Challenging.

You might not realize you need concrete lifting until it’s time to clear away the first big snowfall of the season. Once you’re outside trying to scoop up drifts or directing your snowblower across the uneven surface, you may begin to realize your driveway, sidewalk or walkway isn’t as level as it used to be.

Need Concrete Lifting? Shoveling Cracked Sidewalks Is Challenging. 

Why Uneven Concrete Is Risky

It’s harder to clear snow from an uneven driveway. Your shovel gets caught on the cracks. You can’t get the snow and ice out of the sunken areas. What’s worse, when the snow melts and drains beneath the concrete, it causes soil erosion and makes the concrete more uneven. Winter takes a toll on concrete.

Tips to Prevent Damage

Even concrete, one of the most durable building materials in the world, isn’t immune to the harmful, negative effects of winter. Keep in mind that the longer snow and ice sit on your concrete, the more the concrete absorbs it, because it is a porous material. When the temperature drops, the moisture within the slab will freeze and put pressure on its structure, which could result in cracks, sinking and damage.

To keep your concrete in the best shape possible, make sure you remove snow as soon as possible, but don’t use metal shovels and pounds of rock salt.

Use plastic shovels to avoid chipping the concrete. Keep deicing chemicals off the driveway. Gravel and sand are good alternatives if you’re looking to gain traction safely.

When it Melts, Your Driveway Doesn’t Look the Same

While you may be doing all you can to reduce the effects of winter on your concrete, there is only so much you can do if your driveway was already in need of concrete lifting. If your curb appeal is lacking, you can correct it before winter is over — you don’t have to wait for it to get worse before we can make it better.

Restore Your Surfaces Now

If it’s become ultra-clear that you need concrete lifting to get your driveway or walkway back to normal, Lift-Up Concrete is the team to call. You can rest assured that we will treat your property like we’d treat our own, with comprehensive, efficient services and most importantly, long-lasting results. Call us today to get a free quote for your project.