How to Prepare for Parking Lot Concrete Lifting

Parking lot concrete lifting is a better option than replacement. It’s much cheaper, and saving money is always a priority for businesses, especially local companies just starting out.

You likely bought your commercial property with a vision for the future, and that future doesn’t include cracked, chipped concrete that’s both an eyesore and a liability hazard. It’s time to correct the problem.

Finding out the price difference between replacing and repairing your concrete is often the nudge many businesses need to opt for the latter. Once you’ve scheduled the job, make a plan for reducing frustration and inconvenience on the part of employees and customers while the work is being done.

Parking lot concrete lifting

Notify Employees and Customers Ahead of Time

Your business may be part of someone’s regular routine, so it’s polite to keep them updated on any changes.

Send out an email to employees at least a few days in advance, informing them of your upcoming project. As long as you reserve temporary parking for them, you shouldn’t get many complaints. Improving your business and its aesthetics will only help your employees.

Do you have an e-mail list of all your customers? Notify them as well, and share details on where they can park on the day the job will be done.

Post Signs the Day of the Project

Put out plenty of signs, cones and caution tape blocking off the parking lot from regular use on the day of the project. If only one section is scheduled for concrete lifting, make sure vehicles park a good distance from the work area. Consult with your repair team to see where it’s safe to park.

If you plan on staying open during the project, be sure to note this fact on the sign in front of your blocked-off parking lot, otherwise paying customers may assume you’re closed.

Good News: It’s a Quick Curing Process

One of the main benefits of parking lot concrete lifting is that the job is done in one day. If you tore out your concrete slab and started over, you’d have weeks of excavation, surface preparation and curing to contend with. Concrete lifting makes it possible to drive on the surface the same day.

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