Repair Commercial Concrete in a Warehouse Right Away

Repair Commercial Concrete in a Warehouse Right Away

When commercial concrete is cracked or sinking, it’s a serious issue, especially in a warehouse. If you drive machinery and store heavy products on your concrete flooring, you need to be confident in its stability.

You might feel hesitant to initiate a “big” repair project because you’re worried it will interrupt your business’ productivity, but here’s the good news: With concrete lifting, you can get commercial concrete repaired in one day or less, causing the least downtime to your workflow.

Why Is Your Concrete Damaged?

One of the most common reasons for commercial concrete damage is simply wear and tear. Your concrete stands up to a lot of abuse. Boots, forklifts and heavy pallets can wear down your floor quickly. Weather can also play a role. The freeze/thaw cycle can weaken concrete and cause hairline fractures that could develop into deeper cracks.

Another serious cause of damage is inadequate preparation of the subfloor. If the soil was not compacted and stabilized, erosion and evaporation can lead to empty pockets beneath the concrete. When concrete is not supported, a heavy load can lead to a bowed floor.

Regardless of why your concrete needs attention, these are the four top reasons to get it fixed immediately:

  • Guard Your Company against Liability

When you spot damage, there’s no time to waste. This is mainly because if an accident happens as the result of the crack, you’re liable for injuries. Protect your company from a lawsuit and take floor damage seriously.

  • Create a Safe Workplace

Employees can tell when employers care about them. If you make it a priority to create a safe work environment, your employees will see that you value them and their well-being. Repairing commercial concrete cracks is important because even though they may look superficial, they can weaken the entire building.

  • Maintain Property Value

If you own your commercial property, upkeep goes a long way in preserving the building’s value. Someday you may want to sell your building and upgrade to a bigger one. Make sure you maximize your return on investment by fixing problems immediately.

  • Putting it Off Only Makes Matters Worse

Concrete damage never gets better when it’s ignored. Prevent cracks from lengthening and widening. Stay proactive and stop commercial concrete damage in its tracks.

Trust Lift-Up Concrete when your warehouse’s commercial concrete isn’t in good condition. We can lift, level and seal all cracks quickly and affordably. Are you ready to get your free quote?