Why Schedule Concrete Lifting Before Winter?

There is no denying that concrete lifting is the most economical and effective repair when you have sunken, settled, broken or cracked concrete.

The only question is, how urgent is the repair? Should you have your structure or slab fixed this fall, or can it wait until the spring?


Winter’s Effect on Your Concrete

Concrete is one of the strongest building materials available — that’s why it’s so often used in so many structures, from foundations to pool decks to driveways. But certain circumstances can weaken your concrete. One of the primary ways concrete will degrade before its time due to winter’s freeze/thaw cycle.

Concrete is absorbent. In winter, moisture comes in the form of melting snow, ice and freezing rain. When moisture sinks into the structure then refreezes, it increases the internal pressure of the building material, causing cracks to widen and crumbling to worsen.

If your slab is already sunken or cracked, this allows for deeper moisture penetration, making the freeze/thaw cycle even more dangerous.

If your concrete is already damaged, you can expect problems to only get worse if you don’t fix it before wintertime. You need concrete lifting this fall.

Concrete Lifting and Freezing Temperatures

The slabjacking process is most effective when the temperature is above freezing. Grout is injected beneath the slab’s surface and fills the void in the soil. If the soil is frozen, slabjacking may do more harm than good, potentially breaking the concrete instead of repairing it.

Temperatures are less of a concern if the part to be repaired is in a warmer area, such as your garage. In some instances, slabjacking can be successfully managed year-round, so talk to a professional before you rule out at any time of year.

What Are Your Plans for the Winter?

Since in most cases concrete lifting is a service that is most successful in warmer temperatures, you don’t want to miss out on your chance to make repairs before winter arrives. While some winters are milder than others, you don’t want to take a chance and miss out on an affordable, aesthetically pleasing repair option for your driveway, stairs or patio.

If you have goals for this winter, such as selling or renting out your home, then you want to increase curb appeal, maintain property values and put a stop to the damage before it gets worse.

Could concrete lifting be the solution you’re looking for?

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