Spot the Warning Signs You're About to Have a Serious Problem

Spot Concrete Problems Before They Get Serious 

Concrete problems can come out of nowhere after a big rainstorm or an accident, but that’s not the norm. It’s more likely that concrete problems sneak up slowly over time. But will you notice them early enough to fix them before they get serious?

We’re here to help alert you to some of the most telling signs you may have a concrete issue in its early stages. We’ll also help find a solution before the problem escalates.

Cracks and Crumbling

Since concrete is one of the strongest building materials in the world, any significant wear and tear is cause for concern. Cracks and crumbling could be superficial and simply the sign of a weathering in Utah’s extreme elements, but it also could indicate a more serious underlying problem: the lack of foundational stability.

If the soil is eroding beneath the slab, cracks and crumbling could only be the beginning of the issue. Sinking and shifting could be next, so make sure you get a full assessment of the slab.

Pooling Water

Pooling water on the concrete isn’t good news. It means there is likely sinking or shifting beneath that is causing the concrete to hold precipitation and impede drainage. Since concrete is a porous material, it’s best not to have standing water on it for long periods, so raising the slab surface to facilitate drainage might help.

Porches or Patios Pull Away from Foundation

When you see your front stairs or your back patio begin to pull away from the foundation, it’s probably not the foundation that’s moving — it’s the concrete base of your steps or patio. This signifies a lack of support beneath and that the soil has shifted or eroded, so it’s imperative to lift and stabilize the structure before it causes further damage.

It Only Gets Worse, Unless You Take Action

Maybe you noticed a trend — we keep warning against waiting, encouraging you to act right away. That’s because sinking concrete doesn’t ever get better on its own. If you trust us to make repairs now, you may be able to avoid replacing the structure down the road.

Why Lift-Up?

Lift-Up Concrete is Utah’s preferred concrete lifting contractor because we aren’t just in the business of raising slabs and surfaces; we’re in the business of resolving concrete problems. Whatever we have to do to remedy the situation, you can trust we do it. Stop worrying and call Lift-Up today for a free estimate and speedy service.