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Summer Is the Perfect Time for Concrete Lifting

What’s the best time of year for concrete lifting? In our professional opinion, it’s as soon as the warm spring months arrive and you start preparing your landscape for outdoor summer living.

Concrete lifting is the cost-effective way to repair sinking slabs and uneven surfaces. It’s faster and cheaper than tearing out and re-pouring the concrete. It’s also less disruptive to your budding spring plantings.

But you know all of this; you’re just wondering when the best time is to put it on your schedule.

Winter Took its Toll

Look around at your driveway, stairways, walkways, pool deck and patio. Chances are, if these structures are concrete, the Utah winter took its toll on them. Maybe you see cracks. Maybe you notice sinking. It’s not an attractive look, and you’re about to start spending a lot of time outside this summer. Spring is the right season to take care of these repairs.

The Ground Is Finally Thawed

The main reason concrete lifting specialists love to work in the spring is because the ground is thawed.

While it’s possible to complete a slabjacking project in the winter, it’s a risk. Winter’s freeze/thaw cycle can cause the ground to shift throughout the course of the season and ruin any concrete repair work. Also, concrete may stick to the frozen earth during any attempts to raise it. This could cause the surface to break apart, worsening the damage.

In the spring, the ground isn’t frozen anymore, so you can be relatively certain it won’t shift and undo the concrete lifting work.

Equipment Works Better in Warmth

Extremely low temperatures can affect the function of the hydraulic pump that’s used to import the grout. Cold grout might stick to the inside of the hose, or particles might be left behind. Rinsing off this material involves introducing water to the environment, which can freeze and affect the concrete’s stability.

In the spring, none of these concerns plague concrete-lifting specialists. You can trust the process will go smoothly, and you’ll have a newly even slab in just a few hours, maybe less.

Summer Is the Time to Enjoy the Outdoors

Since summer is the best time of year to enjoy your patio or pool, doesn’t it make sense to take care of necessary repairs before the first hot day? Contact Lift-Up Concrete today to get a free quote and schedule your appointment for concrete lifting.